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Intermountain Community Solar Initiative: RMP Winners and Losers Round 2015

The Most Powerful Way to Buy Solar 

 Brings Home Solar Power Within Reach of More Homeowners 

This round of ICSI is unique as we are focusing on those that applied for the Rocky Mountain Power Solar Incentive but did not win. The ICSI provides a second chance to get a system for a discounted price. If you were lucky enough to win the rebate you can get in on the bulk purchase and saving even more.

The Intermountain Community Solar Initiative (ICSI) gives bulk purchasing power on a community level. Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS), the leading solar installer in the Intermountain West, has teamed with local companies and organizations to start the ICSI. The initiative is changing the way communities look at solar energy. IWS has scheduled workshops at their Woods Cross office, where the details of the bulk purchase will be introduced. The workshops will cover the basics of solar and clear up common myths about solar installations. 

Solar energy has never been so accessible or so affordable. Technology, product availability, tax credits, rebates and other           incentives can reduce the cost of a solar energy system dramatically. Proven solar and inverter technology guarantee system     performance for at least 25 years.

IWS is excited to bring these very powerful ICSI workshops to help educate, organize, and facilitate a bulk purchase for the Wasatch Front area. The ICSI can reduce the upfront investment of a solar system for a home by $2,000 - $6,000 on average and even more on larger systems.

“I found the workshop very informative. Intermountain Wind and Solar had clear and detailed answers for the tough questions that were asked." –Bill West, ICSI Participant

Private residences, small businesses, large commercial facilities, and municipalities can now pool their interests and resources to benefit the entire group with the bulk purchase of solar systems installed by the premier solar installer in the region. The ICSI gives each client the assurance of a quality solar installation at prices that rival those previously exclusive to large, utility scale projects.        Community members can take advantage of this opportunity to lower power bills, help the environment, and start saving money today.

ICSI Workshops will be held at our office in Woods Cross which will provide an opportunity to tour our warehouse and get some hands on learning. To learn more, please attend one of the listed workshops below or contact Intermountain Wind and Solar: