Emergency Power

Whole Home or Critical Load Generators are a convenient way to provide your home with intermountain wind and solar backup Generatoremergency power during prolonged power outages or when disaster strikes. Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS) has teamed up with Kohler to provide you and your family with the most reliable line of home generators available. These generators run on either natural gas or propane (LP), so there is no need for constant refueling, no extension cords from outside, and your life can continue despite the weather. Contact IWS today for a free site survey or try our Home Evaluator to determine which generator is right for you and your home.

Having IWS install a Kohler generator and transfer switch can ensure that your life goes on! A Kohler generator can make sure that when your power goes out, you have fast, efficient, and reliable energy right away. With the transfer switch constantly monitoring your home, you can be sure that within seconds of a power outage, the generator will be up and running, supplying your home with power. The transfer between your home’s grid power and the generator is made effortlessly all on its own. IWS is there to make sure that you don’t go without power.

Always Have Back Up Power

  • Ensure that your life goes on, even when the power doesn’t

IWS and Kohler have come together to provide you with the best home generators on the market! They run off either natural gas or propane (LP), so there is no need for constant refuling. The generator can take less than 10 seconds to return power to your home. This will ensure that you never have the constant worry of losing power in any situation.

  • Always be Prepared

Life often does the unexpected without any warning at all. If you have a fast, efficient IWS system you might not even notice the change outside. When mother nature decides to knock out your power, always have a long lasting back-up.

intermountain wind and solar backup kohler generator