Grid Direct Solar

Grid-direct solar systems are a great way to help reduce or eliminate electrical costs for your home or business. PV modules convert the sunlight into electricity to be used at your home. There are several options for mounting PV to your home, the most common being directly to a south or west facing roof slope. Where roof space is unavailable, two common solutions are static pole mounts and trackers.

intermountain wind and solar2The power generated by these modules runs through an inverter and can then be used to help power your home or business. When the sun is out, the electricity generated will be sent into your home, helping to lower your power costs. Whether you are at home or away, when there is no or low power demand in your home, the excess power being generated from your system will feed back onto the utility, earning you credits for future use. Click on the links below to learn about today’s technology.



Other choices regarding your system include:

Inverter Selection

Panel Selection

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