Mobile solar generators that provide Idaho's most effective power and energy alternative.

Solar panels in any home or business are a great way to reduce energy costs and do a little good for the environment. However, not every company provides the same quality of backup panels in terms of efficiency and reliability. Intermountain Wind and Solar is the leading provider of backup mobile solar energy generators in Idaho. Whether individuals or businesses are looking for ways to reduce energy costs in their home, or are seeking ways to preserve their business's productivity during an emergency.  Intermountain Wind and Solar is the company to turn to for your Idaho business. 

Gas guzzling backup generators are expensive and are usually loud and annoying. For travelers looking to enjoy some peace and quiet in the great outdoors, a regular energy and power generator just won't do. Individuals in Idaho looking for a backup solar generator that can cut costs and let them enjoy nature should look no further than one of Intermountain Wind and Solar's great options. Their G.O.O.D. Wagon comes in three different models, adaptable to every individual's need for effective and alternative backup power.

Intermountain Wind and Solar's provides backup mobile power in Idaho to those looking for a power source for short camping trips and excursions into the great outdoors.

The 10-17 YoYo is a mobile generator that provides a high amount of mobile energy despite its small size. Providing up to 830 amp hours, the 10-17 YoYo generator is easy to tow and can be customized to ensure reliable backup power to anyone looking for an environmentally friendly power source. 

For adventurers, Intermountain Wind and Solar's 10-23 model is great for people in Idaho looking for a portable backup generator that can hold its own. This medium sized solar generator is still mobile and can also be hauled with other outdoor equipment and toys. With room for gear inside and storage on top, the 10-23 gives it user quicker charge times for extended power use. 

The 10-77 model is Intermountain Wind and Solar's largest source for mobile solar power in Idaho. Most commonly used as a center for small businesses in times of emergency, this mobile backup energy generator is versatile and dependable. The dual usage platform can be transported to any site and used for any business's needs in an emergency while providing a constant and steady stream of power and energy.

Intermountain Wind and Solar gives individuals and business owners the best backup solar generators available. 


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