Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel installation process for an IWS solar system is fairly quick. It can take anywhere from a few hours to two days, depending on the size of the system, but most residential systems are installed in a day.

Quality Solar Panel Installation Workmanship

Over the years of installing tens of thousands of solar panels, we’ve learned a few tricks to make the process seamless. What makes our solar panel installations last for decades? It’s the care we take in our workmanship, and the parts we use.

For example:

Roof penetrations: One consideration we take seriously is to be cautious about every place we penetrate roofs, to ensure that there is no chance of a future leak. The mounting components we use, including the electrical combiner boxes, are specially made for solar panel installations. They include flashing to work in conjunction with shingles to protect against leaks. In addition to this, every penetration is filled with high-quality silicone to ensure a tight seal.

Stainless-steel components: Every piece of the system is rated to last at least 30 years, and many last beyond 40. One reason for this longevity is that we have chosen to use stainless-steel lag bolts rather than the galvanized bolts most other solar installers use. Galvanized bolts, when in contact with dissimilar metals, will, over time, rust and corrode, leaving streaks on a roof and subjecting the connection to stability issues. Stainless-steel bolts cost four times more than the galvanized bolts — a cost that we do not pass on to you, in order to provide the best quality product possible at a great value.

Intermountain Wind & Solar uses only the highest-quality components so that they will last throughout the life of the solar system. We don’t use any parts that we wouldn’t put on our own homes. We only buy components from companies that we believe will be around for the lifetime of the product’s warranty period.

Solar Panel Installation Warranty Included

Each IWS solar panel installation comes with a five-year installation warranty. This covers both the mechanical installation of the mounting system and the solar panels as well as the electrical work and installation of the inverter(s). This installation warranty is in addition to both the workmanship and production warranties of the individual products. IWS takes care of repair and replacement of all product warranties.

Here are some specifics regarding the some of the manufacturers we work with and their respective product warranties:

enphase-logoEnphase Microinverters
Enphase microinverters carry a 25-year limited warranty.
sma-logo-2SMA String Inverters
SMA String Inverters carry a 10-year warranty, and extended warranties can be purchased at the request of the customer.
solar-edge-logoSolar Edge String Inverters with Optimizers
SolarEdge products carry a 25-year warranty for their optimizers and a standard 12-year warranty for inverters.
snapnrack-logoSnapNrack Mounting Systems
IWS has chosen to sell SnapNrack mounting components based on years of experience and thousands of solar installations. The SnapNrack Series 100 system is well engineered and designed to last.
SnapNrack products carry 10-year warranties.
sunpower-logoSunPower Solar Panels
25-year performance warranty
25-year manufacturer’s warranty
rena-sola-logoReneSola Solar Panels
25-year performance warranty
10-year manufacturer’s warranty
solar-world-logoSolarWorld Solar Panels
25-year performance warranty
10-year manufacturer’s warranty
Electrical parts are all per NEC spec, including: wiring, conduit, components, circuit breakers and disconnects

*All product warranties are guaranteed by each manufacturer and not by Intermountain Wind & Solar LLC. Please see each product’s individual warranty for limitations and details.