Solar Thermal

We use hot water almost every day of our lives for taking a shower/bath, cooking food, washing our clothes, cleaning our homes, etc. There is a simple way to use the sun to heat this water forsolar thermal panels-intermountain wind and solar us, saving us money and using less of our limited resources.intermountain wind and soalr rrricon Solar panels or evacuated tubes can be mounted on a roof to capture the suns rays. These panels and tubes are incredibly efficient at absorbing the heat of the sun and transferring that heat to water running into your home or business.

More About Solar Thermal Systems

intermountain wind and solar efficientbulbiconThere are many different types of solar thermal systems. Some systems are “open loop” (the domestic water itself is directly heated) and some are “closed loop” ( a heat-transfer fluid is heated by the collector and the heat is passed on the domestic hot water by means of a heat exchanger).  Some systems are “active” meaning they have moving parts such as pumps and valves, or some systems are “passive” which use no moving parts.

What System is Right for You?

Due to the possibility of freezing tempuratures, freeze tolerant systems work the best in the Intermountain West. Closed-loop systems like the Pressurized Glycol and Drainback systems are both freeze tolerant.

intermountain wind and solar thermal tubes