Why Intermountain Wind & Solar

What Makes IWS Different?

Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS) is dedicated to renewable solar and wind energy. Renewable power generation is all we do—with more than 21.5 million watts and 84,000 panels installed (as of October 2016), IWS is Utah’s premier Solar Company. IWS has systems in virtually every community in the state.

We are known as the group that does things right, who fixes other installers’ poor workmanship/design, and who trains inspectors on proper solar installation criteria. We have helped forge solar-friendly legislation in the states we operate and in small communities. We have counseled with the utility Public Service Commission on better power company programs and policies, helping to bring net metering to the mainstream and PV rebates to Main Street.

Intermountain Wind and Solar does business differently—much differently—than other solar installers. We operate in a growing and competitive industry where, unfortunately, in an effort to gain a competitive advantage, some of the companies that we compete against can be less than truthful as they discuss their business and ours. The information contained below will help you not only know what makes IWS different, but you will also come to know what questions you should ask any solar installer before committing to do business with them.


Intermountain Wind & Solar is one of the largest and most experienced solar installer, residential and commercial, in the Intermountain West. Other solar installers will claim they are the biggest, but the numbers speak for themselves. Our experienced in-house staff, including licensed master electricians and NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals (Mike Allen—Cert# 032611-04 and Mike Telford—Cert# 092411-142), as well as a wide range of trained and skilled solar professionals, led IWS to be selected as the contractor for the vast majority of the major commercial projects in the market, including:

Ikea-Draper, The SLC Public Safety Building, Utah Solar for Schools program, Basic Research, Utah Olympic Oval, eBay, SLCC, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Powder Corp, Petzl America, Beaver County Public Safety, Utah Army National Guard, DFCM (5 projects), Ivins City, Moab City, West Wendover, NV, Franklin City, Park City, West Bountiful, Unified State Laboratories Solar Arrays, Idaho State Solar for Schools program, USU College of Agriculture Building BIPV, Salt Lake County, SWATC, and others.

Residential customers have also trusted IWS more than any other solar installer. In 2014, 1 in every 2 residential solar installations in Utah were Intermountain Wind & Solar installations, based on information from the local utility.

Commitment and Consistency

Intermountain Wind & Solar has been in business since 2008. We have never changed our name, filed for bankruptcy, or re-incorporated as a new company to run from past issues or a bad reputation. Make sure the company you choose is in business for the long-haul and not just a high-pressure sales and marketing company disguised as a renewable energy contractor.

IWS is employee-owned and operated. We install each system the way we would on our own homes.

Consultation Approach to Sales

IWS takes a different approach to how we engage with each customer. Our goal is to leave each potential client more knowledgeable about renewable energy than they were before they met us. We are low-pressure in our sales approach and our representatives are far more technically proficient than their counterparts with other solar companies.

Example with IWS:

Our sales representatives go through what is, by far, the most exhaustive and thorough site assessment process in the business. We check the engineering and structural integrity of the roof by crawling through the attic, climb on the roof and hand-measure each surface, evaluate the potential installation surface for shading and future shading, and then check your electrical panel and meter to ensure that our estimate will include all applicable costs.

Example with the competition:

A sales representative comes to your home and moves directly to your kitchen table to begin pushing the sale. Once installation begins, you experience several issues with unforeseen costs like meter upgrades, roof-pitch adders, or structural issues due to the site not being assessed properly.


Quality of Service

Intermountain Wind & Solar does not outsource the installation of our systems to independent contractors. The installers that come to your home or business will be full-time IWS employees that are licensed in their trade and install solar all day, every day. Hiring subcontractors can also lead to finger-pointing if warranty claims arise. With IWS, you know who you are dealing with and the quality of work you can expect.

Our quality and safety record speaks for itself—we have never had a single electrical safety issue nor a water leak from a roof penetration. Make sure you know who are dealing with and what their experience is before allowing them to drill holes in your roof and work in your electrical panel.

Example with IWS:

A crew of licensed IWS employees come to your home on the scheduled date along with your sales representative. Within a few hours, your system is installed and you are enjoying the sun. Should any problems arise, you will work with IWS directly to get the issue resolved and never have to deal with a subcontractor.

Example with the competition:

A subcontractor that you have never heard of shows up for the installation, while the salesman that sold you your system is on to knocking doors in the next town. During the installation, the subcontractor discovers that they don’t have the correct mounting components for your roof type and that you also need a meter upgrade, due to the project being specified incorrectly. The subcontractor then insists that you owe them an additional $2,500 for the meter upgrade to complete the project, and even if you pay it you are still left with holes in your roof for weeks while the correct mounting products are ordered.



IWS is among the most cost-effective solar installers in the market. Our pricing, with our bulk purchase programs and our financing options, provides a high level of value to our customers. We also pride ourselves on our solar production estimates, making certain you get what you pay for.

Example with IWS:

Our solar consultant will evaluate your home or business’s energy needs and supply a solar production estimate that is spot-on with what your system will actually produce. We will show you the numbers based on panel wattage specifications, solar production estimates from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and your building/site specifics. This way, you can do the math yourself and see what you are really getting for your money.

Example with the competition:

Other solar installers will undersize your system to beat our price and then claim that our system is less efficient and thus less cost effective. When you discover after a year that your system does not offset as much of your power bill as they said it would, they have already filed for bankruptcy and/or changed their name.


Quality of Products

IWS only uses tried and tested products that we have extensive experience with and have a high level of confidence in. We only sell components from manufacturers that are established and on strong financial footing, so you can not only trust the quality but you can have confidence in the warranties that are in place. All of our panels are made with real glass and we are one of the few companies in this market that carry premium, ultra-efficient SunPower solar panels.

Example with IWS:

When is a bolt more than a bolt? Well, when it comes to your home and your roof, a bolt is not just a bolt to us. As a perfect example of the steps we have taken to ensure a quality, long-lasting installation, we have chosen to use stainless steel bolts in our installations rather than galvanized bolts, at roughly 10 times the cost. In any case where dissimilar metals are present, time and weather are not your friend.


Example with the competition:

Your solar system looks great after installation, but after a few years, you begin seeing rust streaks on your shingles coming from underneath the panels. The galvanized layer on the bolt has corroded through and you are now left with rusting components and unsightly rust streaks on your roof.


Bottom Line

Trust our reviews and feel free to call your utility company or municipality and see who they recommend. We are confident that they will tell you that Intermountain Wind & Solar is the best in the business.