Why Small Business Loves PV Solar Technology

Solar technology is quickly gaining favor among small business owners in the United States. To date, many business owners, large and small, have discovered the benefits solar energy offers. If you have not yet committed to adding solar panels to your commercial building, have a look at some of the best reasons small business owners are getting in line to do just that.

Save Money with Solar

One of the main reasons people switch to solar, whether for home or business, is the staggering potential for cost savings. When you run a business, your monthly electricity bill can get out of hand fast, especially when it’s hot out and you have customers and employees to keep cool. Installing PV panels at your facility is a surefire way instantly drop your company’s overhead and operating costs. You can actually begin to see savings on your energy bill immediately after your panels are installed. Depending on how big your business is and how much you typically spend on electricity, you can expect to save thousands of dollars per year when you make the switch to solar.

If the upfront cost of solar technology has you feeling nervous, keep in mind that you have access to several types of rebates and tax credits. This allows you to quickly recover a significant portion of your investment

Establish Energy Independence

Installing an alternative energy system makes your business significantly less vulnerable to the unpredictable and often-unstable municipal power grid. In the event of a natural disaster or extended outage, the right type of photovoltaic system will allow your business to go on operating, or at least maintain critical systems and equipment. You’ll enjoy immense peace of mind, knowing that your company’s lights, security and backup systems are working, not matter what.

Improve Your Public Image

Saving money and establishing energy independence are not the only benefits of installing PV panels at your commercial facility. Adopting alternative power is also a great marketing move. More and more, people do their best to support businesses that go green or demonstrate their commitment to sustainable technology. You may even earn some free PR coverage when you send out a press release, mention your commitment to solar in your marketing materials or post it on social media. This means you basically get free publicity for saving money, which should appeal to any business.

Make a Wise Investment

If you are looking for a way to invest further in your business, PV panels are a safe bet today. After all, you will begin to save money immediately, and you will earn back the initial investment within a few years. Adding solar panels to your roof will also improve the building’s value and salability, so if you own it, your property will be worth more.

The benefits of adopting solar technology keep mounting, especially for businesses and commercial building owners. Call Intermountain Wind and Solar today to learn more about how your business can benefit from installing solar technology at your facility.

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