5 Reasons to Install a Home PV System Now

If installing a home PV system hasn’t made it to the top of your to-do list, a little more research may be in order.

home pv system

Solar energy is gaining popularity among homeowners across the Intermountain West. This is no surprise when you consider the many advantages that come with a photovoltaic installation.

No. 1: Save Money Every Month

As soon as you flip the switch to bring your home PV installation online, your solar panels will begin to create electricity. You might not notice them working, but you’ll see the results on your next utility bill.

The amount you’ll need to pay the power company will be less than your usual bill — much less for many of our customers. Other customers never pay another power bill after going solar.

And you’ll see these same savings every month.

No. 2: See Your Savings Grow Every Year

Take a look at your past few years’ power bills for proof that the cost of grid power has been steadily increasing. And rates will continue to rise as time goes on. The average residential electricity rate in 2003 was about 8 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). In 2016, the average rate was 12.54 cents per kWh. This year, rates are already up to 12.95 cents per kWh.

When you install a home PV system, you lock in low, predictable energy costs. As the utility rates go up each year, your solar savings grow accordingly.

No. 3: Create Energy Independence

Regardless of whether your home PV system is connected to the utility grid for backup power, creating your own solar electricity gives you the satisfaction of energy independence.

Reducing your reliance on the utility company gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you aren’t at the mercy of their ever-increasing rates and charges. And if you add a battery storage system to your photovoltaic installation, you may be able to ditch the grid and move toward full energy independence.

No. 4: Increase Your Home’s Value and Marketability

Chances are, you may not live in your home forever. If you decide to sell, you won’t want to wait long for a good offer.

Installing a home PV system will make your property stand out among the competing listings. Solar-powered homes sell much faster than similar homes without photovoltaic systems, and they often sell for a higher price.

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that home buyers pay, on average, $15,000 more for homes with photovoltaic systems.

No. 5: Adopting Home Solar Power Has Never Been Easier

Photovoltaic panel prices are at record lows, and lucrative financial incentives have made home PV much more affordable.

With the wide range of budget-friendly financing options, going solar has never been easier. Home solar power is now within everyone’s reach.

Personal, expert assistance from a professional photovoltaic contractor makes converting to solar electricity a simple, hassle-free endeavor. This home-improvement project won’t take much of your time or attention, and you’ll enjoy savings for decades.

If you’re ready to make the switch, the professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading solar contractor, offers complimentary consultations to homeowners throughout Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Nevada. Contact us today to schedule your home PV system consultation.

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