Getting Started with Commercial Solar 

Commercial solar power is a valuable investment for any Intermountain West business. Going solar cuts electricity costs and improves property value — and going green is a powerful marketing and public relations tool.

Getting Started with Commercial Solar 

So what’s involved in making the switch to photovoltaic energy? The professionals at Intermountain Wind & Solar make it easy.

Meet with an Intermountain Wind & Solar Contractor

Give us a call, and our professional photovoltaic contractors will come out to your business for a complimentary, in-person consultation.

We’ll discuss your business’s electricity needs and evaluate your property for effective placement of a photovoltaic array. If you like, we can also perform an energy audit and recommend measures you can take to reduce your company’s energy consumption.

We’ll also give you an estimate for installation and information regarding financial incentives for adopting photovoltaic energy. And of course, we’re more than happy to answer all your questions.

Schedule Your Commercial Solar Installation

Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll get to work — you won’t have to worry about anything.

Our professional team will handle every part of the photovoltaic installation. And we’ll take care of any necessary paperwork, including permits, inspections and interconnection agreements.

Put Your Commercial Solar Power to Work

We’ll work hard to get your photovoltaic system up and running fast, so you can begin enjoying the benefits of solar power.

When you use our high-quality components and well-trained contractors, your photovoltaic array is sure to provide you with trouble-free operation for decades, and with very little maintenance. Solar Power World has ranked Intermountain Wind & Solar as a top U.S. contractor. And we’re No. 1 in Utah, so you can trust your installation will last.

But if you ever have a problem, our photovoltaic warranties provide coverage beyond that of many other professional contractors. And we’re always available to handle repairs.

Concerned About Financing?

For businesses, paying for a photovoltaic installation is a common concern.

With Intermountain Wind & Solar, however, financing is easy and affordable. We want companies to reap the benefits of photovoltaic power, so we help all our commercial customers find an economical way to invest.

Often, little or no money down is required to get started with commercial solar power. And businesses frequently cut their photovoltaic investment costs by up to half, thanks to federal, state and local tax credits, rebates, grants and other financial incentives.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Intermountain Wind & Solar offers free photovoltaic consultations to companies throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming. To discuss plans for your commercial solar power project, contact us today.

Power Your Home with Solar

Power Your Home with Solar

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Power Your Home with Solar
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