Home PV System Installation: 5 Factors that Affect Solar Costs

How much will going solar cost? That’s one of the number one questions people have about home PV system installation – and unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. The price of switching to photovoltaic power varies, as every project is unique.

The best way to determine your solar costs is to consult with a professional PV contractor. Most, including Intermountain Wind & Solar, offer free, no-obligation consultations. But, you may find it helpful to understand the factors that can affect the cost of your home PV system installation.

No. 1: Home PV System Configuration

How many solar panels do you need to meet your home energy needs? Are you planning on installing a rooftop PV system, or a ground-mounted array? Will you keep your connection to the utility grid, or are you going off-grid? The size, design and setup of your system will greatly impact your solar costs.

No. 2: Photovoltaic Component Quality

High-quality solar system components offer optimal efficiency, which means they can save you more money – and bring you savings for a longer period of time – than equipment of lesser quality. However, the best photovoltaic components typically come with higher upfront costs.

No. 3: Ease of PV System Installation

If you have an irregular roofline or multiple rooftop obstructions like skylights and dormer windows, installing a PV system on the roof will be more complicated – and, therefore, more costly. And though placing a ground-mounted array may be simpler, your project will involve additional equipment that drive up your solar costs.

No. 4: Choice of Photovoltaic Contractor

A subpar photovoltaic system installation from an inexperienced contractor can cost you a great deal of money in lost savings and in repairs. Although choosing an expert with extensive experience may increase your upfront solar costs – although if often does not cost more – it is the best way to ensure you make a sound investment. This is also the best way to ensure that you get comprehensive warranty coverage and repair service when you need it.

No. 5: Available Incentives for Going Solar

Installing a home photovoltaic system qualifies you for the federal solar investment tax credit – which, for PV projects begun this year, amounts to saving 30 percent on your solar costs. Plus, you may be eligible for state and local financial incentives. By taking advantage of every offer, many homeowners see savings of more than 50 percent.

Are you ready to find out exactly how much of an investment switching to photovoltaic power will require? For a free estimate in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada or Wyoming, turn to Intermountain Wind & Solar.

The leading professional PV contractor in the Intermountain West region for over a decade, Intermountain Wind & Solar offers expert home PV system installation at an affordable price. We can answer your questions about solar costs and help you make a smart investment in photovoltaic power – contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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