Is the Power Grid Truly Vulnerable to Hackers?

The power grid in the United States is frighteningly vulnerable today, and that poses a real threat to our society. Being without power is not an experience anyone wants, especially on an extended basis. Power interruptions are not only inconvenient, they can be costly and potentially devastating. The most pressing threat to your continued access to undisturbed power today may be computer hackers. The possibility of power grid hacking is no longer the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters. This potential threat to our power and security will continue to increase unless we eradicate the vulnerabilities in our infrastructure.

The Risk of Long-Term Power Outages

You have probably experienced power outages due to weather, or in some areas, outdated or faulty infrastructure. Consequently, being prepared for a brief period of downtime is nothing new. Short-term power outages can be potentially disruptive, with risks ranging from lost communication capabilities to spoiled food in your refrigerator. But are you prepared for an indefinite outage? Water, fuel, food and communication may be unavailable for weeks or months, and civil disruption is the inevitable outcome. It is vital to prepare and protect yourself against this risk.

The Growing Vulnerability of Electrical Infrastructure

Several factors contribute to security risks in the power supply, but the most pressing is outdated equipment and infrastructure. It is difficult to upgrade systems because of the cost and downtime required to perform the work. Older equipment is difficult or impossible to safeguard. The recent switch to digital metering, while cutting some costs, has created countless access points for computer hacking. Another serious complication is the lack of power source localization. Today, entire regions are serviced by one central system that depends on the continued operations of other main stations. Taking down one small portion of the grid can cause a snowball effect, eventually disabling the entire country’s power supply. The more diversified the country can become in where and how it get its energy, the less appealing the smaller targets become. Today, unfortunately, the onus of diversification is on the individual.

Protecting Yourself, Your Property and Your Family

Solar arrays with battery backups are an extremely effective method for achieving energy independence, especially if the power grid fails. Imagine the freedom of knowing that no matter what, you and your family will remain safe and secure with solar energy. With solar, you can become part of the diversification solution while providing yourself with peace of mind for the future. Residential solar arrays are the personal protection and the community answer to thwarting hackers. The bottom line for a prepared household is this: Even if hackers take out the power grid in your area, you and your family will experience the potentially life-saving benefits of solar energy. You will never have to worry about heating or cooling, food spoilage or your family’s safety.

Intermountain Wind and Solar, serving customers in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada, understands the importance of establishing your energy independence. Contact them today for more information on protecting your home and family from threats to the power grid.

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