SLC Commits to Solar Power and Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar power is getting a new advocate: Salt Lake City.

Joining nearly 20 other cities across the country, Salt Lake City officials have pledged to run the city completely on clean energy by 2032. Solar power projects will help in creating the path to 100 percent renewable energy.


As the largest city in Utah, Salt Lake City’s decision to make the transition to renewable energy could spur growth elsewhere in the state and in the nearby Intermountain West states.

Why City Government Leaders Planned the Switch to Renewable Energy

Temperatures have been heating up all around the world, Salt Lake City included. In fact, research shows that Utah is warming twice as fast as the global average.

The warmer temperatures may be enjoyable, but they can also reduce the snowpack, cause changes in our water systems and lead to more extreme weather events. And if carbon pollution in the city goes unchecked, emissions could make the climate-related problems worse.

Utah has an abundant supply of solar energy, as it is one of the sunniest states in the country. Making the switch to solar power and clean energy systems will reduce the city’s carbon footprint and allow for less dependence on foreign oil.

Renewable Energy and Solar Power Solutions Study is Underway

Charting a course for the transition to clean energy, city leaders have announced a goal of providing 50 percent of municipal electricity through solar and clean energy projects by 2020. To reach that goal — and meet the broader 2032 deadline — officials are exploring new options and ideas.

Summit County and Park City have partnered with the city on a renewable energy study. The research is expected to present new clean energy options, including solar power solutions, to homeowners and businesses.

The newly formed Utah Climate Action Network is also a part of the city’s plan. Joining with community members and other local organizations is expected to drive the adoption of renewable energy.

And since 2014, the city has partnered with large commercial property and building owners to seek out new efficiency and conservation measures that can reduce carbon pollution. Reducing waste can help the city reach its energy goals.

Salt Lake City Is Ready to Join the Solar Power Revolution

Several SLC solar projects are already underway. Over 4,000 photovoltaic panels are powering properties throughout the city. New solar installations are also planned for several fire stations by the end of 2016.

Plus, Rocky Mountain Power is offering a solar power subscription program. Subscriber Solar will allow residential and commercial customers to get electricity from a new 20-megawatt solar farm scheduled to go into production at the start of 2017.

Are you ready to make the switch to renewable energy? The experts at Intermountain Wind & Solar design cost-effective photovoltaic systems to meet the energy needs of Utah businesses and homeowners. Call to schedule a free solar power consultation today.

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