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Intermountain Wind & Solar is the leading solar panel company in the Intermountain West, serving Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon homes and businesses. We combine our expertise with community initiatives to provide one of the best cost-per-watt pricing options in the region. Our pricing, along with federal and state incentives on renewable energy, offers you huge savings.

We make your switch to solar easy and convenient. In Utah, solar financing is available to help you pay the upfront cost of solar panel installation. Whether you’re in Reno or Salt Lake City, solar power technicians from our company are ready to help you generate free energy — from panel system design and installation to system monitoring and ongoing services.

Running your home or business property on solar power is an excellent way to save moneyand lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. We can help you switch to solar today.

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How much can you potentially save by switching to solar power?

Whether you're a home or business owner, electricity can be a big part of your monthly budget. Reduce or eliminate your energy bills by getting a solar panel system.

Going solar means generating free power for 20 years or more. Even if your system doesn't produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, it still helps lower your utility bills.

Plus, having solar power means you no longer have to worry about energy cost hikes. You can better forecast and manage your household or business expenses every month.

In Nevada, Oregon or Utah, solar power is affordable and accessible through Intermountain Wind & Solar. Find out today how much you could save.

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Intermountain Wind & Solar is the name you can trust when it comes to solar power in Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah. We've installed thousands of solar panels across the state, helping many home and business owners generate free energy to power their structures and bring major cost savings.


On average, Nevada has 252 sunny days each year, about 50 days more than the U.S. average. Capitalize on that bright, sunny climate by running your Las Vegas home on solar power. We install quality solar panels that bring you enormous savings for two decades or more.


With our expertise and affordable pricing, generating solar power in Boise and the rest of Idaho is easy, convenient and affordable. Our team guides you through every step of the solar process, from panel system design and installation to system monitoring and maintenance services.


Look no further than Intermountain Wind & Solar for all your solar power needs throughout the state of Wyoming, whether you require design, installation, monitoring or various upkeep services. We’ve helped numerous home and business owners throughout the state generate their own renewable energy, powering their lives in more affordable, environmentally-friendly ways.


From design to installation to future monitoring and maintenance, our team will ensure all Oregon home or business owners have the highest quality in solar services on their side. We’ll help you with every piece of your solar power system and help you generate your own power for a self-sustaining approach.

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Three Reasons to go Solar with IWS

Intermountain Wind & Solar is the leading solar panel installer in the Intermountain West. We've worked on thousands of homes and businesses in the region, helping them save on energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and even improve their property values.

Whether your motivations for switching to solar power are economic, personal or environmental, our team is here to help you get the most out of your solar panel system. We make the installation process easy for you.

Going solar is a cost-effective move. Why choose IWS?

Panels Installed


IWS is among the largest and most experienced residential and commercial solar contractor in the Intermountain West. Renewable power generation is all we do.

Total Systems

Quality of Service

We do not outsource our installations. All of our electricians and installers are full-time IWS employees (not independent contractors) that install solar all day, every day.

Years Service


IWS consistently provides one of the best cost per watt pricing along with spot-on production estimates. We give you exactly what you pay for and we do it at a great value with options like our bulk purchase program along with many affordable financing choices.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

  • review rating 5  Adaptable company, was willing to work with my request to add more panels in the week prior to install, made a tight deadline, great install crew!! They offered the best price, and given the large companies they provide service for I don't have any concerns they will be there for me. I had one issue pop up and the VP was happy to chat on the phone with me and resolve my small issue.

    thumb Daniel Knox
  • review rating 5  Intermountain Wind & Solar was very professional while working with us. They called and spoke to us every step of the way. The installers were very proficient in their skills. To install our panels they were done in a day. I would highly recommended Intermountain Wind & Solar to anyone thinking about getting a solar system

    thumb jus jayne
  • review rating 5  Good communication and upfront cost well explained. No hidden fees or charges. Good looking black panels with low cost. Well done

    thumb John Conrad
  • review rating 5  Great & easy process. Super impressed by install group. The installers even went out of the way to fix the stairs in my garage after I told them to be careful when going in and out. A gesture that probably took them 5 minutes but would have taken me an hour will always leave an impression with me. That level of service is the pinnacle that most businesses are trying to reach but usually don't.

    thumb Bryce Sagers
  • review rating 5  We’ve have solar now for 2 years. We love it. Best decision and great company to work with.

    thumb Debbie Hafer
  • review rating 5  Intermountain Wind and Solar did a great job on our solar installation. Price was great and we have been nothing but satisfied with our experience. Our panels work well and I love paying nothing but $8.99 per month (the lowest basic charge possible) on our power bill.

    thumb Just Us Two Now
  • review rating 5  I had my solar system installed by IMW&S almost 5 years ago. They were a better price than most of the competition I looked into. I still was probably not going to do it because of the price but their representative helped us find incentives that we were available to have at the time and we got lucky to also get the Rocky Mountain Power Rebate on top of the State and Federal tax incentives. By then it was a no brainer. It is now a rental property of mine and I wished I could get the winter snow off of it easier so I could be producing better than I am but oh well. Anytime someone gets solar panels and pays much more than $3.50 a Watt (Pre-tax Incentives) I think they are crazy.

    thumb Derrick Bunn
  • review rating 5  We are so happy with our solar. We received our first bill. I was very pleased with how small it was. Everyone was very professional and kept us up to date with each step through the whole installation process. They are a very honest and trustworthy company.

    thumb Jean Hellyer
  • review rating 5  I ask a lot of detailed questions and my salesman, Bryson was able to answer them all satisfactorily, which impressed me. The project was expensive (IMO) but worth it, and well done. All the Intermountain Wind & Solar people did their job well and were responsive. It's still your project, so you have to have your head in the game (where are you going to place the panels, at what angle, etc.). I have large Cottonwood trees that shade my home and I didn't want to cut them, but I have a big enough yard that we could do a ground mount, so we did. I do recommend this company after you have them answer all your questions, and you still want to do it, great. I've only had the panels in about 2.5 weeks, but we had hurricane force winds this September, and no panels moved or were damaged, whew. My 21 panels are producing about as expected and should average enough production to eliminate my electricity charges, which is exciting. I'm interested to do a battery next, but one thing at a time. This is a great company to work with, and I am just a plain home owner probably like you. I don't give out 5 stars to everyone, but they did the job well, so they get it and my recommendation.

    thumb Bob Mc
  • review rating 5  Three years in, and I'm still very happy with my solar setup. The Intermountain Wind and Solar team was great to work with from beginning to end. Their options and pricing were better than any of the other companies I worked with. The staff and installers were kind and courteous. They provided everything I needed to make my federal and state tax returns a breeze. After having a great experience with them myself, I have recommended Intermountain Wind and Solar to others and will continue to do so because of their professionalism and their excellent products and service. This is a company that you can trust to do the right thing.

    thumb Jeffery Keller

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