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Intermountain Wind & Solar is the leading solar panel company in the Intermountain West, serving Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon homes and businesses. We combine our expertise with community initiatives to provide one of the best cost-per-watt pricing options in the region. Our pricing, along with federal and state incentives on renewable energy, offers you huge savings.

We make your switch to solar easy and convenient. In Utah, solar financing is available to help you pay the upfront cost of solar panel installation. Whether you’re in Reno or Salt Lake City, solar power technicians from our company are ready to help you generate free energy — from panel system design and installation to system monitoring and ongoing services.

Running your home or business property on solar power is an excellent way to save moneyand lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. We can help you switch to solar today.

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How much can you potentially save by switching to solar power?

Whether you're a home or business owner, electricity can be a big part of your monthly budget. Reduce or eliminate your energy bills by getting a solar panel system.

Going solar means generating free power for 20 years or more. Even if your system doesn't produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, it still helps lower your utility bills.

Plus, having solar power means you no longer have to worry about energy cost hikes. You can better forecast and manage your household or business expenses every month.

In Nevada, Oregon or Utah, solar power is affordable and accessible through Intermountain Wind & Solar. Find out today how much you could save.

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Intermountain Wind & Solar is the name you can trust when it comes to solar power in Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah. We've installed thousands of solar panels across the state, helping many home and business owners generate free energy to power their structures and bring major cost savings.


On average, Nevada has 252 sunny days each year, about 50 days more than the U.S. average. Capitalize on that bright, sunny climate by running your Las Vegas home on solar power. We install quality solar panels that bring you enormous savings for two decades or more.


With our expertise and affordable pricing, generating solar power in Boise and the rest of Idaho is easy, convenient and affordable. Our team guides you through every step of the solar process, from panel system design and installation to system monitoring and maintenance services.


Look no further than Intermountain Wind & Solar for all your solar power needs throughout the state of Wyoming, whether you require design, installation, monitoring or various upkeep services. We’ve helped numerous home and business owners throughout the state generate their own renewable energy, powering their lives in more affordable, environmentally-friendly ways.


From design to installation to future monitoring and maintenance, our team will ensure all Oregon home or business owners have the highest quality in solar services on their side. We’ll help you with every piece of your solar power system and help you generate your own power for a self-sustaining approach.

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    Three Reasons to go Solar with IWS

    Intermountain Wind & Solar is the leading solar panel installer in the Intermountain West. We've worked on thousands of homes and businesses in the region, helping them save on energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and even improve their property values.

    Whether your motivations for switching to solar power are economic, personal or environmental, our team is here to help you get the most out of your solar panel system. We make the installation process easy for you.

    Going solar is a cost-effective move. Why choose IWS?

    Panels Installed


    IWS is among the largest and most experienced residential and commercial solar contractor in the Intermountain West. Renewable power generation is all we do.

    Total Systems

    Quality of Service

    We do not outsource our installations. All of our electricians and installers are full-time IWS employees (not independent contractors) that install solar all day, every day.

    Years Service


    IWS consistently provides one of the best cost per watt pricing along with spot-on production estimates. We give you exactly what you pay for and we do it at a great value with options like our bulk purchase program along with many affordable financing choices.

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    What Our Customers Have To Say

    I don’t usually take the time to share a review unless it’s absolutely worth it. I received several estimates for the solar panels at my home and only one of the sales reps showed up in business casual clothes was on time and called before they came and was able to provide an estimate while they were at my home. They were not the cheapest company in fact other company said just give me their bid and will beat it which turned me away from a couple of the others. After a couple of months of deliberation I finally pulled the go ahead with intermountain wind and solar and everything worked perfectly they showed up on the day they were scheduled they actually showed up ahead of time they installed the full job in under one business day and had communication about the inspections and Rocky Mountain power of the entire way. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone considering solar. Bryce was my sales rep and he was amazing
    Katy H.
    04:45 09 Jan 21
    Great to work with! It was a very seamless process. They just took care of everything and let me know how it was going!
    Anoel M.
    23:29 07 Jan 21
    Great services!
    Sandrine M.
    21:11 22 Dec 20
    I chose Intermountain Wind and Solar for my home solar installation after weeks of extensive research and getting other competitive bids. Bryson, the Sales rep was extremely patient with me throughout the process and answered all the questions that I had in very simple terms. The technicians and installation team were also extremely professional, ensured they finished their job on time in spite of cold weather. Their office and project management team kept me up to date about the progress at all times and I never had to follow up for anything. Their professionalism, transparency when it comes to pricing and use of high quality components was what sold them to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to install solar in the Salt lake area.
    Priyanka P.
    03:35 16 Dec 20
    Great job. From the sales person who came initially to the installers who did the work and the people who set up our monitoring. They kept us informed through the whole process. Everyone we dealt with was courteous and knowledgeable. We are happy that we decided to go with Intermountain Wind and Solar for our solar installation. Honest and straight forward from the beginning.
    terry L
    14:18 09 Dec 20
    Bryson and the IWS team did a great job for me. Bryson kept following up for over three years until I was finally ready to get the project done. They helped me find great financing options, and communicated well through the whole process. I compared many companies and felt that I was getting the most bang for the buck with Intermountain. I order the SunPower panels, and am very happy with the result.
    Jason H.
    17:59 02 Dec 20
    They were well organized, let me ask a ton of questions, kept me informed all the way through the process. I didn't have the problems that others had with their installation. We passed inspection the first time around. All in all it's been a great experience.
    Catharine R.
    18:41 19 Nov 20
    I got the solar panels on my roof through Intermountain Wind & Solar, and I'm very happy with them and the service I received. I recommended them to my mom.
    Dylan Z.
    09:21 13 Nov 20
    Their salesman was well informed and not overbearing. Having dealt with salespeople from multiple other solar companies, the IWS salesman really impressed. From the salesman to the installers everyone was competent and easy to work with. All promises were kept. This company has been around for longer than any other that I am aware of. Their employees tend to stay with the company. This is unusual in my experience dealing with solar companies.I highly recommend them.
    Katy R.
    02:37 12 Nov 20
    I used to work for Intermountain Wind and solar as one of their electricians.I knew all the ins and outs of how they operate and was proud to work for them. So when it came to install Solar on my house there was only one Choice, "Intermountain wind and Solar"! As I expected everything went flawless from start to finish. They went above and beyond my expectations.I Couldn't be happier.
    Jared L.
    16:01 09 Oct 20
    Great company. We've been very please with the installation. We recommend them as the premiere solar energy company.
    Dana R.
    01:11 09 Oct 20
    From the design to the install IWS kept us informed about the finances, design, build, permits, and the timetable for each step along the way. The install took place on the hottest day of the year and the guys had to get off the roof and take a break. When it cooled down, they came back and finished the job that day. I got three bids and designs from different companies. IWS was the best priced and the best solar panel system for the money. In our case, we saved money by paying cash for the system and thereby avoiding loan fees and interest payments. Our system provides all our electric daytime needs and sends power back to Rocky Mountain. Our first electric bill after the install was 8 cents.
    Steven A.
    00:38 09 Oct 20
    These guys are awesome
    Paul D.
    13:21 14 Sep 20
    I ask a lot of detailed questions and my salesman, Bryson was able to answer them all satisfactorily, which impressed me.The project was expensive (IMO) but worth it, and well done.All the Intermountain Wind & Solar people did their job well and were responsive. It's still your project, so you have to have your head in the game (where are you going to place the panels, at what angle, etc.).I have large Cottonwood trees that shade my home and I didn't want to cut them, but I have a big enough yard that we could do a ground mount, so we did.I do recommend this company after you have them answer all your questions, and you still want to do it, great.I've only had the panels in about 2.5 weeks, but we had hurricane force winds this September, and no panels moved or were damaged, whew.My 21 panels are producing about as expected and should average enough production to eliminate my electricity charges, which is exciting.I'm interested to do a battery next, but one thing at a time.This is a great company to work with, and I am just a plain home owner probably like you. I don't give out 5 stars to everyone, but they did the job well, so they get it and my recommendation.
    Bob M.
    20:11 10 Sep 20
    They worked with us hand in hand to make Solarize Pocatello a huge success. Very easy to work with, gave us excellent prices, they went out of their way to make sure every one of our 81 solar customers was happy.
    Linda E.
    13:39 02 Sep 20
    Intermountain Wind and Solar are very professional and followup with thier clients. They make the process in scheduling the estimate and the install very simple.
    Corrine I.
    17:10 01 Sep 20
    MANY reasons to go to IWS for your solar needs!- Solid LOCAL company which ensures long-term support for any issues- Wanting to ensure longevity of systems, they do extensive research on the products they sell and promote- Issues are addressed quickly and by very friendly and supportive techs- Great sales staff (John helped me) that will ensure you get a smokin' deal on an efficient and long-lasting systemSolar is a big, but great, investment in your home and our environment. Go to a company vested in that investment...Intermountain Wind & Solar!!
    Jeff P.
    18:05 28 Aug 20
    the panels i had put up are working nicely as advertised. the data is made available easily through the internet so i can monitor the power produced at any time, and see records since installation. there are people available to contact if there is a problem. the planners were very good at working with me to evaluate different placements of the panels, with good technical data. every so often there is a communication problem but i just have to restart a box on the outside. wish i could figure out how to use this system in case of power failure but that would be expensive, requiring a battery backup system. the other obvious issue is very little generated after snowstorm until it all melts off, sometimes months later.
    Steve S.
    14:24 28 Aug 20
    We had our system installed two years ago. Everything John and others promised has been realized. I was looking at our July Electric bill and was pleasantly surprised to see the total was $0.03, especially during this very hot summer.I would highly recommend talking IW&S and see how much Savings you could realize.
    LuDell M.
    12:35 28 Aug 20
    Excellent job from start to finish!
    John W
    18:15 20 Aug 20
    My 18-panel system has been working great for more than two years, generally generating 30 to 40 kWh per day of electricity. This is more than adequate for my 6,000 sf house in Salt Lake City. We have had almost no issues with the system. Occasional issue we had was with WiFi connection between the system and my phone.
    Wayne X.
    19:55 19 Aug 20
    We are so happy with our solar. We received our first bill. I was very pleased with how small it was. Everyone was very professional and kept us up to date with each step through the whole installation process. They are a very honest and trustworthy company.
    Jean H.
    17:41 19 Aug 20
    Good communication and upfront cost well explained. No hidden fees or charges. Good looking black panels with low cost. Well done
    John C.
    04:36 04 Aug 20
    Overall very good experience, these guys know their stuff and worked with me to get the best system for the money.
    Christopher K.
    21:40 03 Aug 20
    Prompt, communicated well about the project. We had one minor snafu, which they compensated for immediately and fairly. I had a couple of people who are in this business come by after the install and inspect it for me independently and they both agreed that the quality of the work was outstanding (Rocky Mountain Power guy said the same as well).
    Philip P.
    21:43 26 Jul 20
    I have spent years researching multiple solar companies and their sales pitches. This company knew more about their product than any other solar company I looked into. They were very down-to-earth, not pushy and our Salesman John Wilson really emphasized product knowledge. He made our experience a very good one!We have had no problems with any part of the installation process and love our panels. Intermountain Wind and Solar also had better pricing with a higher premium product than the other companies. They have a five-star monitoring team. Cal is great to answer ANY question related to your system monitoring.There are a lot of solar companies out there and some have been dishonest with us in the past. But Intermountain is sincerely unlike any other solar company I’ve encountered over the years. Definitely a 5-star recommendation!!
    Benjamin P.
    19:49 24 Jul 20
    The pre-install has gone flawlessly. All connections and wiring was done before the sheet rock was installed so this is a very clean looking install. Once we have completed the garage paint IWS will come back and install the remainder of the system in the garage and the panels on the roof.
    Craig G.
    19:54 21 Jul 20
    "I accepted the invitation from Bryson to come home and present the plan for our house solar energy needs. He came and did a wonderful job, even understanding we are not ready to do it now, he was patient and thorough, explained everything clearly and responded to my questions. What made me decide for imwindandsolar was the many recent reviews from customers asking for maintenance attention and their satisfaction. Very important to me. We are preparing to do it shortly.Gustavo G. Velasquez"
    GG V.
    20:17 20 Jul 20
    5 years ago Intermountain Wind and Solar installed a 10kw system on my home in West Jordan. We couldn’t be happier with our system. I haven’t paid an electric bill in 5 years. Professional people who finished my install in about 2 days. Thank you.
    Brent B.
    21:54 14 Jul 20
    Outstanding service oriented company. I installed a system 6 years ago with another company that is now out of business. I had an issue and called Intermountain Wind & Solar with no expectations given I did not buy the system from them. Chris in their service department was just great. He walked me through fixing the issue on the phone. I can't tell you how rare that is in business. All my future needs for my solar system will be with this company.
    Marc E.
    20:25 14 Jul 20
    We’re still early in the process (getting permits for the rooftop installation), but so far we’ve been very impressed with the staff of Intermountain Wind and Solar. They are unfailingly knowledgeable, polite, and prompt. They are good at keeping in touch and let us know how things are progressing. We chose this company based on a friend’s recommendation, and will certainly recommend them to others.
    Ralph B.
    20:32 09 Jul 20
    The other day I needed some help on a solar project so I stopped by Intermountain Wind & Solar. I had a good conversation with a person who was very helpful and personable. When I asked his name, he told me Doug. When I went home and googled Intermountain Wind & Solar I found out Doug is Doug Shipley, the modest and humble president and CEO of Intermountain Wind & Solar. I would imagine Doug’s company and employee’s are much like he is helpful, modest and good at what they do. For anyone looking to get solar (and not tackle permitting and installing solar yourself as I did), I would recommend Intermountain Wind & Solar as a company that is easy to work with and has your best interest in mind.
    Richard S.
    04:47 19 Jun 20
    Intermountain Wind and Solar made it easy to get solar. They answered all of my questions and were honest and upfront about everything. They helped us with the tax credit part of things, helped us get financing, and set us up with an online monitoring program. Bryson Evans, our salesman, is a great example of integrity and a good dude. The great thing about Intermountain is that they have been around for a long time, and they will be here for years to come. Definitely not a fly by night solar company. I know I can rely on them to be there to do any maintenance or repairs or upgrades that I may need in the future. I can absolutely with no reservations give them a 5 star review and recommend them to anyone!
    Miles L.
    21:50 18 Jun 20
    They had a very competitive price and were great to work with.
    Richard K.
    19:55 17 Jun 20
    Throughout the process from sales to installation everything was great. You do have to be a little patient since you are waiting on permitting and dealing with the power company and the city, but that’s to be expected. Everyone at imws was professional and courteous. I did have one hiccup where the ball was dropped, and they were on it getting it resolved!
    Robert K.
    19:27 17 Jun 20
    System was installed two years ago- did a great job with the install and the system has been working well. Had one microinverter go bad but which they detected and replaced quickly under warranty. I am producing more energy than I'm using as you can see by my usage report from idaho Power.
    Greg M.
    20:47 16 Jun 20
    I am a customer and could not be more satisfied. Efficient, professional and timely. I highly recommend.
    Stephen T.
    19:54 16 Jun 20
    Very please with the whole process. The original setup, support and the SunPower monitoring is great.
    James S.
    17:07 16 Jun 20
    I selected this company because of their time established and reviews. They did not disappoint. This is not a fly by-night-company. They handled every aspect of the solar panels to include warranty instructions, permits, rebate paperwork etc.The installers were very professional, kept me informed of the process, any problems etc. The panels we picked (Panasonic) seem to be great (we're only a couple of months in), and are very minimalist, and can't tell they are there, although that could be cause we have a high roof. They also made sure the install on the side house, which is visible, looks professional and not sloppy.Haven't had to use their warranty department, which is good thing, so I can't comment on that, but I'm sure they're great to work with.
    Marcos M.
    01:25 16 Jun 20
    Best solar company in the valley!
    jeff P.
    23:29 15 Jun 20
    We’ve had our solar for a year now and I love not having a power bill! It was wonderful working with Jeff and the IWS team. I’m so glad I chose them as my solar provider!
    Katie P.
    23:27 15 Jun 20
    Adaptable company, was willing to work with my request to add more panels in the week prior to install, made a tight deadline, great install crew!! They offered the best price, and given the large companies they provide service for I don't have any concerns they will be there for me. I had one issue pop up and the VP was happy to chat on the phone with me and resolve my small issue.
    Daniel K.
    21:49 15 Jun 20
    I joined Intermountain Wind and Solar after researching other companies in the valley and came to the conclusion that IWS had the ethics and transparency that I feel a company should have. Being honest and running a corporation for a decade is a hard approach in a cut-throat market like solar. We pride ourselves on giving you an array that meets your needs and save you a great deal. As an employee I feel confident that we are up-front in our systems and the numbers do not have any hidden agenda. Look at our website and then go to one of our competitors and I think you have taken the first step to seeing what transparency is. We offer all the information short of calling in and speaking to one of our sales reps. Give us a go, it only takes a quick call and you are on the road to all the information you need to build a=n informed decision about your solar future.
    Kyle R.
    18:29 02 May 18
    I give this unbiased, even though I used to work for them, ended very amicably. Just got burned out selling solar. Great company to work for, they paid me out on all my jobs even after I left which I unheard of in a company. So they are very ethical in that way. But also for customers, they went above and beyond for people I sold, even when it wasn’t always the easiest. They sell solar for what it should be sold for, Auric across town is a pretty good company, but o my gosh are they expensive, like 40 percent more expensive. There is no dip in quality whatsoever with Intermountain. I own a 4 plex so I can’t do solar, but when I get my house IWS is who I’m going with.
    Cord N.
    00:50 04 Apr 18
    My experience with Jeff Powell and the Intermountain Wind & Solar team was excellent. Very knowledgeable about the products & services and broke it down so it was easy to understand. I would recommend highly to anyone here in the Boise Area.
    Audrey P.
    22:03 23 Mar 18
    Jeff Powell in Boise, ID was SUPER responsive with all of my questions and inquiries when it came to this whole process. I had never considered Solar panels, so I knew nothing about the process, costs, savings, timeline etc. He was referred to me by a family member (who spoke highly of his service) and it was all well worth it. Great guy, great, team, great service, would 100% recommend!
    Samantha M.
    17:28 20 Mar 18
    Stand up company, integrity counts these days!
    David F.
    20:36 26 Feb 18
    I have known Jeff Powell the sales manager at IWS for a long time. I would recommend working with him any time!
    Becky W.
    17:00 23 Feb 18
    I've worked with Jeff Powell in the past and he is very honest, hard-working, and trustworthy. My husband and I can't wait to have Intermountain Wind and Solar install our solar panels. Would highly recommend!
    Trista W.
    21:26 21 Feb 18
    Excellent experience with this company. Super happy with my installation and service!
    Callie V
    21:26 21 Feb 18
    I am a contractor in Northern Idaho. My brother and I have been trying to setup a solar panel sales and installation business for the past few months, and until we called Intermountain Wind and Solar we've hit nothing but dead ends. Even the Idaho Division of Building Safety led to a dead end.We got the idea to call Intermountain in hopes that maybe an established company could share some insight on how to get started. Of course, we were a little nervous calling them, because we were worried that we would be seen as competition and would be fed a bunch of nonsense.However, that wasn't the case at all. The lady who answered the phone, Lauren, was very polite and understanding. I told her about our situation and she transferred the call to Erik. Erik spent a little over half an hour answering all of the questions we had on solar panels and how to start our new venture. We plan to meet with Intermountain soon to learn more about how they construct their solar panels and the products they offer.I have never done business with them before, but if this is how they treat potential competitors, then it gives strong evidence that they aren't focused so much on making money as they are in the advancement of renewable energy.Thank you!
    anthony N.
    20:59 19 Sep 17

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