Disaster Preparedness & Battery Backup


Be Prepared For Disaster With A Solar Battery Backup System

Why are so many Intermountain West homeowners choosing to install solar panels with battery backup systems today? The answers lie with the need for disaster preparedness and energy independence.

For many property owners, this decision is motivated by the need to be prepared in case SHTF. For others, the thought of cutting ties with the utility company and achieving true energy independence provides additional motivation to eschew a grid-tied photovoltaic array. And, in remote areas, going off-grid with solar power is usually more cost-effective than connecting to the utility grid.

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Whether your circumstances call for a grid-tied or an off-grid solar panel system, including the right type of battery backup system will ensure you’re prepared to face anything from a temporary power grid failure to a full-blown natural or man-made disaster.

Battery Backup Systems For Grid-tied Solar Energy

If your home is currently connected to the power grid, installing solar panels with one of today’s high-tech battery backup systems will ensure that you have electricity even in the event of a grid failure.

These highly advanced battery storage systems – like the Tesla Powerwall, for example – lets you bank the free power you generate for later use, or whenever you need it most.

Depending on where you live, you may also have the option to send your excess power back up the grid and receive credit from the utility company. This process, called net metering, can add an extra financial incentive for going solar, if it’s available in your area.

Off-grid Solar Electricity Generation & Battery Backup

For properties that don’t have to be tied to the municipal power grid, you have more flexibility in how your system is designed.

As with a grid-tied system, you need solar panels and either a string inverter or micro-inverters. Once installed and brought online, your photovoltaic system will begin generating electricity.


But what happens when the sun sets. or your panels become covered with snow?

If you want to be prepared for any emergency, your off-grid photovoltaic system needs a reliable backup power source.

To ensure you always have ample electricity, you can install a backup system with a charge controller, to safely store that power for later use. You also have the option of adding a solar or gas-powered generator outfitted with a transfer switch, to automatically provide power if the photovoltaic equipment cannot adequately meet your needs. Finally, consider adding a remote monitoring system to reset faults and change settings without the need for a service call.

Choosing The Right Intermountain West Solar Installer

A solar panel system can completely meet your home energy needs, as long as the system has been scaled properly. Size matters and, if you want to ensure you have a reliable means of generating all the power you need, choose a professional contractor with expertise in scaling on- and off-grid photovoltaic systems – like Intermountain Wind & Solar.

Whatever your needs may be, you can count on our expert team to design and install the system that’s right for you. Today, we have many different types of battery backup systems to work with, we can recommend one that best meets your specific needs as well as your budget.

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