Solar Energy Reviews: What They Say About Us


Listen to some solar reviews from our customers. Let their solar reviews speak for us with testimonials from Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.

Intermountain Wind and Solar is the Premier provider of solar panels for the west. We’ve been in business for 10+ years.

Kay Hoogland

Again, it makes you so aware of how you can be doing something daily to help the planet.

I think our house looks better. And it projects the idea that this was a thoughtfully built house."

Larry Walters

The continued ongoing support and care that intermountain wind and solar has demonstrated has just been, again, another demonstration of the level of professionalism that we’ve seen in this company. They’re going to be around a long time and we feel very comfortable working with them.”

Mark Harris

The feeling I got from Kendal, our sales person, was I was fully educated on what solar was, what the technology was. I felt I was fully informed what the costs were upfront, long-term and it was really a good process. I didn’t feel like I was being sold a product I was being educated on a product.”

Garth Limb

I not only would I recommend Intermountain Wind & Solar I have recommended time and time again Intermountain Wind & Solar to come out and give people their bids so they can check it out. We love our system 100% its the greatest System out there.”

Tiffany Boase

We're able to just replace our current electrick bill with our payments on our panels. To me, it was kind of a no-brainer to someday be independent of the electric companies and to be able to be on our own. It just made sense"

Mike Engle - Solarize Pocatello 

It just makes financial sense. We can produce power on our property at a lower rate than we can buy it from the utility.

It's a no brainer. We're reducing our carbon footprint and saving money."


We selected Intermountain Wind & Solar (IWS) after evaluating 5 different organizations. Both my wife and I have worked in the solar industry (my wife as an engineer and me in sales). This was our second solar system so we have some experience. Our sales person was experienced, personable, credible, a good listener, and straight forward. Some of the evaluated vendors displayed their lack of interest by not visiting our home on-site, they displayed a lack of experience, or did not permit us to speak with existing clients. That was not the case with IWS. We were able to go visit an existing customer and really got a feel for the whole process. We really felt that IWS was working hand in hand with their design and install team. They clearly set reasonable expectations. Most of the other companies (not all) were keeping us under the control of sales. We just didn't feel comfortable. The IWS price was very competitive, and the upgrade price for our electric panel was by far the least costly. We decided to re-roof and were expecting to go with an outside firm, but IWS has their own roofing company and the price savings were significant; with the same quality of roof. Plus, one vendor is responsible for our roof and the solar. I would definitely evaluate IWS to be one of your vendors. They have met and exceeded all our expectations, and have continually been responsive after the sale and implementation.
Scott B. M.
Good service. Knowledgeable.
Mathew B.
We had a very good experience from Intermountain Wind and Solar on our solar panel installation. We have an older house so some upgrades were needed in the power box and they took care of all aspects to get us and running. Total time on install was 2 days and it was powered on 12 days later after Rocky Mountain Power approved it. Only one issue in a year and that was on me not knowing a new cable modem needed to be synced to the app because of the new mac address. Awesome customer service they had the phone app backup and running after a short phone call. No issues whatsoever with the system itself. Very fast and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a solar setup.
Mark S.
Absolutely exceptional team. Installation was effortless and the project was completed exceptionally fast. The attention to details shown revealed the passion for completing the project correctly. Justin Dygert is an exceptional ambassador to Intermountain Wind & Solar…exceptional!I do not normally provide feedback however their stellar installation needs to be recognized. Feel free to use my name as a referral and expect a smooth installation.
Alexander B.
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