Solar Energy Reviews: What They Say About Us


Listen to some solar reviews from our customers. Let their solar reviews speak for us with testimonials from Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.

Intermountain Wind and Solar is the Premier provider of solar panels for the west. We’ve been in business for 10+ years.

Kay Hoogland

Again, it makes you so aware of how you can be doing something daily to help the planet.

I think our house looks better. And it projects the idea that this was a thoughtfully built house."

Larry Walters

The continued ongoing support and care that intermountain wind and solar has demonstrated has just been, again, another demonstration of the level of professionalism that we’ve seen in this company. They’re going to be around a long time and we feel very comfortable working with them.”

Mark Harris

The feeling I got from Kendal, our sales person, was I was fully educated on what solar was, what the technology was. I felt I was fully informed what the costs were upfront, long-term and it was really a good process. I didn’t feel like I was being sold a product I was being educated on a product.”

Garth Limb

I not only would I recommend Intermountain Wind & Solar I have recommended time and time again Intermountain Wind & Solar to come out and give people their bids so they can check it out. We love our system 100% its the greatest System out there.”

Tiffany Boase

We're able to just replace our current electrick bill with our payments on our panels. To me, it was kind of a no-brainer to someday be independent of the electric companies and to be able to be on our own. It just made sense"

Mike Engle - Solarize Pocatello 

It just makes financial sense. We can produce power on our property at a lower rate than we can buy it from the utility.

It's a no brainer. We're reducing our carbon footprint and saving money."


Based on 276 reviews
Great quality. The installed panels look great and work great. No exposed conduit. No funny gaps for roof vents. I love the micro inverters and the higher wattage rated Q cell panels. The process did take a long time and I still don't have my Tesla battery, but I understand why, with the power company, city, etc involved, it takes a while.
Benjamin N.
When does the end of a project (a Tesla Power Wall installation) turns out to be cheaper than the initial quote, passes inspection with shining stars, and promises you to send a manual, system design docs, etc., and file a form for us required by our State Government? When you work with Intermountain Wind and Solar. Luck is not involved, only customer and professional services.
Corie H.
IWS was great to work with, as I added Tesla Powerwalls to my existing solar array. They were responsive, reliable, and accessible
Mike M.
I loved my experience with these guys! Every step of the process was smooth and easy and the finished product is great! Since installed in September 2017 I have had $9 (taxes) electric bills every month.
Bryan S.
Intermountain Wind & Solar without question made it possible for me to get a new roof for the best price possible by working with me and the roofing company. They were accommodating in every possible way to make my experience the best. They did clean and organized work and in the end I could not have gotten a better deal by anyone and still ended up with the best product anyone could have given me.
Wilford M.
I highly recommend I.W.S for solar power. They did an excellent job from beginning to end and now that we have our TESLA power wall installed, we have the security we like.
Jeff L.
The staff was great to work with and was very professional.
Brady H.
Our Solar Installer went out of business and the microinverters went out on two of our panels, Intermountain Wind & Solar came out and fixed both panels. Their customer service was fantastic from start to finish and their technician was awesome. I wish we would have gone through them for our original install.
McKay V.
Great company with solid service. I researched many solar companies before narrowing my selection down to three. I invited quotes from each of the three, and IWS was the most thorough and transparent through the process. Everything proceeded as planned with a very professional install. I asked my roofer to inspect the installation, and he liked it so much he referred another one of his customer to IWS.
Randall A.
I am so happy with my solar system! IWS worked with me to design and adjust the plan to exactly meet my usage and minimize the number of trees that needed to be removed. The entire installation process was smoothly and efficiently completed. My sales rep, Bryson Evans, answered all of my questions and concerns with clarity and patience! I highly recommend this company if you are considering solar!!
Jon H.
Great to work with! It was a very seamless process. They just took care of everything and let me know how it was going!
Anoel M.
Great services!
Sandrine M.
I chose Intermountain Wind and Solar for my home solar installation after weeks of extensive research and getting other competitive bids. Bryson, the Sales rep was extremely patient with me throughout the process and answered all the questions that I had in very simple terms. The technicians and installation team were also extremely professional, ensured they finished their job on time in spite of cold weather. Their office and project management team kept me up to date about the progress at all times and I never had to follow up for anything. Their professionalism, transparency when it comes to pricing and use of high quality components was what sold them to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to install solar in the Salt lake area.
Priyanka P.
Great job. From the sales person who came initially to the installers who did the work and the people who set up our monitoring. They kept us informed through the whole process. Everyone we dealt with was courteous and knowledgeable. We are happy that we decided to go with Intermountain Wind and Solar for our solar installation. Honest and straight forward from the beginning.
terry L
Bryson and the IWS team did a great job for me. Bryson kept following up for over three years until I was finally ready to get the project done. They helped me find great financing options, and communicated well through the whole process. I compared many companies and felt that I was getting the most bang for the buck with Intermountain. I order the SunPower panels, and am very happy with the result.
Jason H.
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