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Listen to some solar reviews from our customers. Let their solar reviews speak for us with testimonials from Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.

Intermountain Wind and Solar is the Premier provider of solar panels for the west. We’ve been in business for 10+ years.

Kay Hoogland

Again, it makes you so aware of how you can be doing something daily to help the planet.

I think our house looks better. And it projects the idea that this was a thoughtfully built house."

Larry Walters

The continued ongoing support and care that intermountain wind and solar has demonstrated has just been, again, another demonstration of the level of professionalism that we’ve seen in this company. They’re going to be around a long time and we feel very comfortable working with them.”

Mark Harris

The feeling I got from Kendal, our sales person, was I was fully educated on what solar was, what the technology was. I felt I was fully informed what the costs were upfront, long-term and it was really a good process. I didn’t feel like I was being sold a product I was being educated on a product.”

Garth Limb

I not only would I recommend Intermountain Wind & Solar I have recommended time and time again Intermountain Wind & Solar to come out and give people their bids so they can check it out. We love our system 100% its the greatest System out there.”

Tiffany Boase

We're able to just replace our current electrick bill with our payments on our panels. To me, it was kind of a no-brainer to someday be independent of the electric companies and to be able to be on our own. It just made sense"

Mike Engle - Solarize Pocatello 

It just makes financial sense. We can produce power on our property at a lower rate than we can buy it from the utility.

It's a no brainer. We're reducing our carbon footprint and saving money."


Based on 301 reviews
I am very pleased with the service I have received from Intermountain wind and solar. they have been very good about letting me know when and how my system would be installed, when inspections would be done, and quick to get me my manual and rebate information. someone was assigned to my project and he was good to inform me and quick to answer questions.
G&S c
They're a bit weak on the communications side, but their equipment and installation are first rate. Most of the delays were caused by the Tesla Powerwall being back ordered, and they didn't exactly keep to the timeline we were promised when we signed on. We've been up and running now for several months, and are pleased with the system. It's nice to know that as Boise continues to grow, and the electrical grid doesn't keep pace, that we'll always have power. It's equally nice to know that our carbon footprint is so much smaller by using solar!
Tommy G.
Installation took a while due to demand, but everything was installed correctly and efficiently!! We were pleased with the outcome and enjoyed working with IWS! We would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in Solar!
Robert M.
We were pleased and satisfied with the entire IWS process. Our sales rep. was Brian Post. Brian was honest, clearly explained the costs, process, and answered all our questions while addressing our concerns. Our project manager, Chris Streeter, carried out the planning and installation process in a clear and professional manner and was always available to answer our questions and concerns. The entire project took longer then anticipated, but, be patient, it's just the nature of the solar process. I highly recommend IWS!
Michael T.
Excellent! Installed, then when the batts came in, which was a total surprise, it was like xmas! Didn't expect them for another year! Great people, excellent work, and most everything got done, but they called back and setup and appt right away! Better than my neighbors solar company!
shriek! S.
I felt very good about the history of this company very professional operation
Greg S.
The staff was great to work with and was very professional.
Brady H.
I have used IW&S on two occasions, first for the installation of a 12-panel solar system and then for the installation of three additional panels and aTesla Powerwall. The quality of the work is absolutely superb. An inspector commented that IW&S does some of the best work he has seen. The system functions perfectly and any questions I have are quickly answered by IW&S staff. The internet-based monitoring systems are very useful and easy to use. Of course, to me the biggest benefit is the environmental impact and the savings. Not a single problem in the two years since the first installation. I want to add that the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and understand what customer service is. If you are considering a solar installation, use IW&S.
Chris A.
IWS Did my Solar install last summer. They did a fantastic job, once we slogged through the permitting process. IWS installed top of the line equipment at a VERY competitive price. IWS installers and engineers accommodated a last minute modification of the panel layout and they produced a modified layout plan on the spot. My solar system is now in place and works well when the sun is shining. The real-time monitoring that came with the system enables me to monitor electrical production on an hourly basis. From the sales representative, to the engineers to the professional and experienced installers all working as a team, I now have a system that is fulfilling my goals to cut my electrical costs and help save the planet. Feel free to price shop as I did, but I recommend IWS without any reservation.
I’ve worked here for 8 years. Some of the best people in the industry. It was awesome to see our teams install a system on my own home. Clean, quick and professional. Just like we promise.
Justin M.
We have had many workers at our home with home projects and this was by far the slickest operation. Everyone was kind and professional and could tell everyone knew exactly what they were doing and it showed with the quality workmanship. Also loved how hard and smoothly they worked cuz it was finished in one day. Very impressed and the reduced power bill is the best cherry on top.:)
Onalee W.
Excellent job from start to finish!
John W
John has been great to work with. Scheduling appointments has been a breeze and all of our questions were answered. We did our research and these guys are the best. The process has been pretty smooth and we are looking forward to our new panels!
Monica S.
Very pleased with our new solar set up! Easy process overall as IWS took care of everything and in a very timely manner. The system looks great! The installation team was very professional, knowledgeable and took the time to explain the installation process and how to manage the system. They also explained the technical aspects and how it works, which was very interesting. The APP is cool and fun to watch how much energy we are producing. I would highly recommend IWS!
Everyone I dealt with was professional and courteous.
Robert K.
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