Residential Solar Panels in Pocatello, Idaho

Intermountain Wind & Solar is the go-to photovoltaic provider in Pocatello and throughout the state of Idaho. With us, installing residential solar panels is a smooth and simple process that provides big savings.

If you’re a Pocatello homeowner and thinking about going solar, our knowledgeable team makes for a perfect partner. We’ll explain your options, answer your questions and guide you toward the right renewable energy solution to meet your needs. With Intermountain Wind & Solar, you can expect the best service at the best price.

Professionals in Pocatello Solar Panel Installation

From your initial photovoltaic power consultation to the day your residential solar panels are installed at your Pocatello property – and beyond – Intermountain Wind & Solar is here for you.

After completing thousands of solar energy projects, we know how to get the job done with expert care. Along with photovoltaic equipment installation, we take care of home PV system design, permitting, interconnection agreements, net metering applications, solar incentive paperwork and more. You won’t have to worry about any of the details – we’ll handle everything.

And, our help is ongoing, lasting the lifespan of your photovoltaic system. We’ll always stand behind our warranty, the most complete in the industry.

Solar Incentives for Homeowners in Pocatello, Idaho

If you are concerned about the cost of switching your Pocatello home over to photovoltaic power, don’t be. The investment is surprisingly affordable, as Idaho residents are eligible for two lucrative financial incentives.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

Claim this credit, and you’ll reduce your income tax liability by 30 percent of the total cost of your photovoltaic installation.

Idaho Solar Tax Incentive

This perk allows you to claim an income tax incentive for four years after installing residential solar panels, which results in savings of more than $1,400.

As a Pocatello homeowner, both of these financial incentives are yours for the taking and, together, they can potentially cut your photovoltaic investment costs in half.

Perks of Installing Residential Solar Panels in Pocatello

Solar panels are growing in popularity among homeowners in Pocatello and the rest of Idaho, as the advantages of adopting photovoltaic power are undeniable.

Installing a home PV system and generating your own power results in much lower electricity bills. And, though Idaho doesn’t have a state law requiring net metering, the three major utility companies have their own programs that provide savings for homeowners who generate excess photovoltaic power. Some Pocatello residents even see their home energy costs drop to zero after switching to solar energy.

What’s more, should you ever decide to sell your Idaho property, your photovoltaic power system could allow you to set a higher asking price – and your home is likely to sell faster than similar local homes that rely on utility grid electricity.

Founded in 2008, Intermountain Wind & Solar offers high-quality photovoltaic system installation and exceptional customer service at an affordable price. For a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss residential solar panels for your Pocatello, Idaho, home, contact us today.

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Power Your Home with Solar

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