Residential Solar Panels in Twin Falls, Idaho

Homeowners in Twin Falls, Idaho and the surrounding Intermountain West states turn to Intermountain Wind & Solar for affordable installation of high-quality residential solar panels.

Established in 2008 and recognized as a photovoltaic industry leader, Intermountain Wind & Solar has the skill and expertise to design and install cost-effective home PV systems that take advantage of Idaho’s abundant solar potential and offer exceptional savings on energy costs.

Idaho Solar Incentives for Homeowners in Twin Falls

Homeowners who install solar panels can take advantage of two high-value financial incentives. Together, these perks can lower the overall photovoltaic power investment costs by 50 percent or more.

The federal solar investment tax credit offers impressive savings, giving homeowners a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their income tax liability that amounts to 30 percent of the price of photovoltaic system installation. This incentive alone reduces the overall investment by thousands.

The second financial incentive available to Twin Falls homeowners is an Idaho state income tax incentive. When claimed over the four years following a home PV system installation, this benefit cuts an additional $1,400 from the costs of adopting photovoltaic power.

Why Solar Panels Are Right for Twin Falls Homes

With Idaho’s solar potential, the state is well-suited for photovoltaic power installations. Many Twin Falls homeowners can rely on sunlight for most or even all of their electricity needs – and everyone likes the idea of energy independence.

By installing residential solar panels, Twin Falls residents can enjoy low (or no) energy bills. And, since the major utility companies in Idaho offer net metering programs, which provide compensation for excess photovoltaic power, some homeowners eliminate their electricity costs entirely.

Solar panels may also offer a boost in your home’s value. If you decide to sell your Idaho property at some point in the future, your photovoltaic power installation may allow you to command a higher price and even help you find a buyer more quickly.

And, since you’ll be reducing your electricity consumption, you’ll be holding onto more of your hard-earned cash.

Top-Notch Idaho Residential Solar Panel Installation

There’s no question that photovoltaic power is a sound investment for Twin Falls homeowners. But why do so many Idaho residents plan home PV system installations with Intermountain Wind & Solar?

Simply put, our licensed and NABCEP-certified contractors (Mike Allen—Cert# 032611-04 and Mike Telford—Cert# 092411-142) are the best in the business. From the initial residential solar panel consultation, our in-house team is there – and we always strive to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Intermountain Wind & Solar also has an excellent reputation, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a spot on the Top Solar Contractor List and consistently positive customer reviews. Trust your installation to us, and you’ll have a high-quality home PV system that meets your energy needs and fits your budget.

Would you like to learn more about using photovoltaic power for your Twin Falls, Idaho, home? For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to discuss residential solar panels with the dedicated professionals at Intermountain Wind & Solar, contact us today.

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