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We talk to our friend, Doug Shipley with Intermountain Wind and Solar about the benefits of going solar, and why IWS is the best choice. If you’re thinking about converting your home to solar, watch this video first!

ABC 4 News, Solar Misconceptions

Intermountain Wind & Solar is a leading residential and commercial solar installation company operating throughout Utah & Idaho. Get your solar questions answered with this interview video about common solar misconceptions.

Your Life Idaho with Brad Rowen

Brad Rowen sits down with Justin Monk from Intermountain Wind & Solar. Justin explains the benefits of solar and how the installation process works. Learn how you can save huge with solar panels.

ABC 4 Doug Explains how tax credits work

Doug Explains how text credits work and how you can get the most out of your solar panels. If you have any hesitations about taking the solar panel leap, IWS offers solar information workshops to help make the decision easier.