Tesla Powerwall Installation

The Tesla Powerwall is the premier solar energy battery backup solution for both residential and commercial solar installations. It provides you with the ability to capture the energy from your solar system and store it for use later, so you can gather energy during optimal sunlight hours that will be available for you during peak power usage times later in the evening.

Clean Energy And Energy Security

The decision to go solar for homeowners or commercial buildings is often because you want:

  • Cleaner energy from a renewable source and a lower carbon footprint
  • Energy security so you don’t have to rely on the local power grid for your energy

Whether you are going solar for one or both of those reasons, the Tesla Powerwall battery backup is the ideal solution. With a 14 kilowatt-hour (kWh) storage capacity and 13.5 kWh of usable energy, it’s offers the most battery backup capacity on the market today. An average home uses about 28 kWh of energy each day, so the Powerwall can easily meet most home’s power needs after the sun goes down.

For homes that require more energy or commercial buildings, the Powerwall is designed as a modular system, allowing you to install as many batteries as needed for your energy requirements. Tesla Powerwall batteries also come with a 10-year warranty and qualify for existing state and federal tax credits, which can help offset the initial cost.

Clean Energy

Complete Energy Management Solution

In addition to the battery backup, the Tesla Powerwall comes with a Tesla Gateway and built-in battery inverter. It offers monitoring, metering, and management for your entire system, learning your energy usage patterns over time to optimize storage and usage rates. The convenient mobile app gives you the ability to monitor things like:

  • Power outages
  • Home energy usage peak times
  • Current battery storage levels

The Powerwall is even designed to automatically disconnect from the local power grid in the event of a power outage. Many local power companies will require that your solar panels shut down during an outage, so disconnecting can allow your system to continue generating energy during a daytime outage. The time between the system detecting an outage and bringing your power back online is just fractions of a second, which is much faster than a typical backup generator.

Simple Installation

Getting the Tesla Powerwall is simple and easy.

Some homes will need upgrades to the main electrical panel, and our experienced team can let you know if that will be the case for your home. Once installed, you’ll have full visibility into the system through the app and can start conserving energy, reducing your carbon footprint, and be more energy self-sufficient.

Intermountain Wind and Solar will come and connect the Powerwall battery backup, along with the Backup Gateway, to your home’s main electrical panel.

Call Intermountain Wind and Solar today to learn more about the benefits of a Tesla Powerwall battery backup for your solar system, and schedule an installation.

Simple Installation

Tesla Electrical Time-lapse Installation

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