Residential Solar Panels in Boise, Idaho

Intermountain Wind & Solar, the leading residential solar panel provider in Idaho and the neighboring Intermountain West states for over a decade, makes adopting photovoltaic power easy for Boise homeowners.

Whether you’re thinking of installing a grid-tied, off-grid or hybrid PV system, the Intermountain Wind & Solar team is here to meet your needs. Renewable power generation is all we do and, with us, you can count on optimized energy potential, significant savings and an exceptional installation experience.

Benefits of Solar Panel Installations for Boise Homeowners

More and more Boise residents are powering their homes with photovoltaic energy and, given the many benefits, this is a wise decision.

Install residential solar panels in Idaho, and you can look forward to:

  • Low monthly electricity bills -- or, you may even eliminate your energy costs altogether
  • A potential increase in your home value, which may even allow you to sell your Boise property more quickly and at a higher price
  • Net metering, or compensation for excess renewable photovoltaic power generation, through your utility company

Intermountain Wind & Solar understands how to maximize these advantages, designing residential PV systems that offer an impressive return on investment. In fact, many Boise homeowners reach the payback point on their solar panel installations in well under a decade.

Savings for Switching to Residential Photovoltaic Power in Idaho

Idaho is one of the best states for investing in a residential solar panel system. The available financial incentives allow homeowners to save thousands of dollars on photovoltaic installation.

Boise residents who make the switch to photovoltaic power are eligible for the lucrative federal solar investment tax credit. This incentive dramatically lowers the cost of installing a home PV system, reducing income tax liability by 30 percent of the total price.

Then there’s the Idaho solar incentive, which Boise residents can claim on top of the federal tax credit. This perk, an income tax incentive, amounts to savings of over $1,400.

The bottom line is that, with both of these financial incentives, Idaho residents are able to cut their photovoltaic power investment costs by 50 percent – or more.

Expert Solar Panel Installation for Homes in Boise, Idaho

Intermountain Wind & Solar, founded in 2008, has completed thousands of residential solar installations – and we never outsource our work. Our in-house team of licensed, NABCEP-certified contractors (Mike Allen—Cert# 032611-04 and Mike Telford—Cert# 092411-142) handles every step of every project, from start to finish.

Our price per watt is among the best in Idaho, and we only use high-quality brand name solar panels, inverters and mounting equipment. With our extensive photovoltaic installation experience, superior workmanship and dedication to stellar customer service, we offer unparalleled value.

And, you don’t have to take our word for it – our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and place on the Top Solar Contractor List speak for themselves.

If you’re ready to save money and power your Boise, Idaho, home with renewable energy, Intermountain Wind & Solar is the partner you need. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss installing residential solar panels, contact us today.

Power Your Home with Solar

Power Your Home with Solar

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