Excavating & Utility Work

Excavating Services & Utility Work

Interested in a ground-mounted solar power system for a residence or commercial property?

Finding the right partner is crucial – and since preparing the land is likely to be an integral part of the project, choosing a reputable company with specialized expertise in solar site preparation is highly recommended. In Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Oregon, Intermountain Wind & Solar is that company.

Before any work on a ground-mounted residential or commercial solar array can begin, the area needs to be capable of supporting the weight of a PV system. Regardless of the size and complexity of your solar power project, our professional team can implement whatever measures are necessary to get the site ready. That may involve any of the following:

Excavating/Utility Services We Offer :

  • Leveling/grading
  • trenching
  • land clearing
  • foundations/footings
  • running pipes/wires and more

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Land Clearing Services

One of the first steps for most ground-mounted solar projects is to ensure that the work crew has safe and easy access to the installation area. The location and terrain dictate our plans for solar site preparation, but our land clearing services often include taking down trees, removing obstructions and creating temporary roads.

Land Grading Services

Shaping the spot where a ground-mounted residential or commercial solar array to prepare the area for use is essential for many Intermountain West projects. Land grading services are applicable for sites with uneven topography, and our team can put a plan in place to help control surface runoff and soil erosion.

Land Leveling Services

When it comes to site preparation for a ground-mounted solar array, land leveling services can be of prime importance. Not only does the location need to be properly graded for the purpose of construction, but leveling work may be a must to eliminate any slopes or irregularities in the topography of the land surface.

Excavating Services

A ground-mounted residential or commercial solar power system needs a foundation of support, and to create that, the installation site may require excavation. And while the type of soil in the location determines the approach we take, our excavating services are designed to allow for the construction of a solid support structure.  

Trenching Services

Wiring is needed to connect a ground-mounted solar array to the electrical grid or to a battery storage bank. For safety purposes, the cables shouldn’t be exposed to the elements. Trenches are the solution, and we offer professional trenching services, digging channels in the earth and burying the wires underground.

Partner with Intermountain Wind & Solar, and you’ll have a team of experts handling the solar site preparation. As such, you can feel confident that the work will be performed safely, efficiently and in line with the best practices in the photovoltaic industry. For more information on our land clearing, grading, leveling, excavation or trenching services – or to discuss the installation of a ground-mounted solar power system for a residence or commercial property in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Oregon -- contact us today.

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