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In Boise, Idaho, solar energy companies help home and business owners generate free energy and enjoy huge savings. But unlike any other company, Intermountain Wind & Solar offers spot-on productionestimates and competitive cost-per-watt pricing, making your switch to solar energyinexpensive and efficient.

Intermountain Wind & Solar helps you go solar from start to finish. We design a panel system that suits your roofline design and complies with local building laws and regulations. Our team of certified installers makes sure your property generates solar energy proficiently. We also provide monitoring and maintenance services to keep your system performing optimally.

When you choose us, you have a company that stays with you as long as your solar panel system does.


Did you know you can save thousands on your solar system?

  • Federal Savings
  • State of Idaho Savings
  • What You Pay

Federal Incentives

The Federal Solar Tax Credit, known as Investment Tax Credit (ITC), allows you to deduct 30% of your solar energy system from your federal taxes.

State Incentives

The state of Idaho allows for income tax credit equal to 7.4% of the cost of your solar panel installation. This tax credit is capped at $1,480.

Going Solar in Idaho is Easy.

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Ongoing Service

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Our work starts with an in-person site survey and custom proposal. We evaluate the energy needs of your property and its roofline. Then we come up with a proposal that includes system layout, installation costs, energy savings, performance estimates, project timelines and financing options. We want you to understand all these crucial details before we give the green light to create a contract and design your panel system.

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