6 Photovoltaic Power Myths Debunked

Homeowners are learning the truth about photovoltaic power — rooftop solar energy systems offer big financial savings as well as energy independence.

Making the switch to solar is easier than you may think, yet misconceptions persist. Below, we debunk six of the most common myths about photovoltaic solar energy.

photovoltaic myths

Myth No. 1: Photovoltaic Power Systems Are Expensive

Many homeowners grossly overestimate the cost of installing a solar energy system.

Prices have drastically fallen over the last few decades, and many lucrative financial incentives are available today. You don’t have to be rich to switch to solar power. In fact, with the wide range of financing options available, people of all socioeconomic levels can now afford photovoltaic systems.

Myth No. 2: Photovoltaic Power Only Works in Sunny, Warm States

Solar panels depend on sunlight to create electricity. Contrary to popular belief, however, warmth is not necessary.

Solar energy works in any climate. No matter how cold it gets at your location, your photovoltaic array will continue to produce energy. In fact, light reflected from snow on the ground could even give you a boost in output.

Myth No. 3: Photovoltaic Panels are Bulky and Ugly

Back in the 1970s, photovoltaic panels were heavy, cumbersome and obtrusive. Today, that is very much not the case.

Gone are the bulky, ugly solar modules of the past. Modern panels are sleek, low-profile and sophisticated, blending in better with rooftop surfaces. As the trend catches on and becomes more affordable, houses with panels on the roof are quickly becoming the norm.

Myth No. 4: Homes with Photovoltaic Panels are Hard to Sell

What if you decide to sell your home? Many people mistakenly believe that a solar installation will limit the pool of potential buyers.

Actually, the opposite is true. Research shows that solar-powered homes typically sell up to 20 percent faster than similar properties without photovoltaic power. What’s more, buyers are often willing to pay an average of $15,000 more for homes with solar installations.

Myth No. 5: Recouping Your Photovoltaic Investment Takes Decades

Reaching the point where your solar energy system has paid for itself will take much less time than you probably think.

In fact, many Intermountain West homeowners recoup their photovoltaic investment in 10 years or less. With a well-designed system, you may be able to break even in just a few years.

Myth No. 6: Installing a Photovoltaic Power System is Complicated

A professional solar contractor simplifies the process of installing a photovoltaic system.

Request a free consultation from an experienced local photovoltaic installer, and you can get all your questions answered. Professionals will also evaluate your property and electricity usage to design the most cost-effective solar power system. And if you add a backup battery bank, your solar array can meet your energy needs both day and night.

When you choose a professional photovoltaic contractor, all the permits, inspections and paperwork required for solar installation will be handled on your behalf.

Don’t be daunted by misconceptions. The professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar, serving Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming, can help you learn all you need to know about photovoltaic power. For your free consultation, contact us today.

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