Add a Hybrid Solar System to Your Emergency Preparedness List

Hybrid solar energy generating systems are the key to having the resources you need in the event of an emergency. In the Mountain West region of the United States, storms and civil disasters can wipe out the power grid for hours, days or even longer. When conditions become dire, you need to be prepared with your own hybrid solar energy solution. A reliable power supply is critical for keeping your family safe and comfortable, no matter what happens out there.

Must-Haves in Time of Disaster

The basics for comfort and convenience when the power goes out are simple. Your family needs water, food, lights, sanitation and, depending on the time of year, you may need heat. Experts also recommend having first-aid supplies and some basic tools, as well as any medications. If you have pets, they will require supplies as well. Finally, if you have an infant in the household, you will require diapers and other baby supplies. Gather your supplies in an easily accessible location, and organize them so that they are easy to access and inventory. Share the location of your emergency supplies with your family too, so everyone knows where they are stored.

Why Emergency Power is Critical

Having a reliable source of backup power is critical to several of the items on your must-have list. A hybrid solar energy system will provide lights, heat and cooking capabilities. Eventually you will also require the ability to bathe and clean clothing, both of which are most easily achieved if you have power. If the water supply is deemed unsafe for consumption, having power provides the ability to boil your water. Many people own and count on gas-powered generators to meet these needs, but it can often become difficult or impossible to obtain fuel during a full-scale emergency.

Start Your Preparations on a Small Scale

Emergency preparedness experts recommend starting small, if you haven’t yet started. Begin by prepping for a brief seven-to-10-day outage, with the goal of working up to a year’s worth of supplies. If you can comfortably endure up to two weeks without municipal power and water, you will be better off than most people in the United States. Some other important considerations include a plan for communication, fresh batteries for any battery-powered devices and an emergency water purification system.

If you haven’t already begun to assemble your emergency supplies, make today the day. In Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho, contact Intermountain Wind and Solar for more information about PV solar energy systems with battery backup. It may not be easy or convenient, but your family will get through an emergency safely with your hybrid solar power system.

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