Anxious Electric Utilities Chafe at Loss of Customers

The adoption of solar energy systems is on the rise, with over 135,000 new U.S. installations in the just the first half of 2015, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

As the number of households and businesses using photovoltaic power continues to rise, the electric utility companies are becoming increasingly concerned about lost business, and they’re looking for ways to maintain their healthy profit margins.

One way they hope to accomplish this is through the adoption of new energy policies.

The Debate on Solar Energy

The utility companies argue that low- and middle-income families are not benefitting from solar energy. Instead, they say, these families are absorbing the infrastructure costs of the electrical grid because of net metering.

Net metering is a federal policy that requires power companies to pay solar customers for their excess energy. Many solar users pay little or no money to the power company, and in fact, earn money from the power they sell back to the company.

Solar Adoption Does NOT Stress the Power Grid

In truth, most alternative energy experts believe that the utility companies are not concerned about low- and middle-income families at all. What the electric utilities are really worried about is losing the income from those customers who make the move to solar and energy independence.

And their complaints about wear and tear on the infrastructure are essentially without foundation.

In fact, individual investment in rooftop solar reduces the utility companies’ need for investment in infrastructure and greatly reduces the wear and tear on the power grid!

Solar Offers Many Benefits for Middle- and Working-Class Americans

According to a recent study by the Center for American Progress, the number of photovoltaic installations in working- and middle-class neighborhoods has grown significantly. Many new community solar programs are being developed to bring solar energy to an even greater number of lower-income people across the country.

Utility Companies Raising Rates to Compensate for Lost Profits

As more home and business owners produce extra electricity with their solar energy systems, the utility companies are increasing rates in order to compensate for their loss of profit.

Some private and municipal utilities plan to increase the fixed monthly rates for all customers. It is fairly certain that, as time goes on and more people adopt photovoltaic power, electric rates will continue to rise — after all, that’s how these companies make money.

This inevitable fact means that adopting solar now is the only way to escape the ever-increasing rate hikes.

Are you ready to stop being at the mercy of the power companies? Installing a PV panel system at your home or business means that you’ll always know how much your power will cost. It also means that your costs will decline and eventually disappear, rather than continue to skyrocket, thanks to the sun’s ample supply of free energy.

Contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today to schedule a consultation. You’ll love the cost savings and energy independence that solar energy will provide you!

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