Avoiding Robocalls While Investigating Boise Solar Panels

Many of us have experienced an undesirable set of events somewhat recently: We either call about or click on a given product or service we're in need of, and almost immediately begin getting bombarded with robocalls from companies selling that product. Sadly, this is an issue that happens sometimes within the world of solar -- but if you're diligent in your efforts, you can avoid it even while comparing various solar panel options.

At Intermountain Wind & Solar, we're proud to offer the best residential and commercial solar panel services in Boise and many other areas -- and we pride ourselves in honest marketing tactics that do not include simply spamming people with robot phone calls. However, because we know you want to compare quotes and pricing options, and because we're sadly aware that others in our industry do take this approach sometimes, here are some simple tips on how to research your solar power options in peace, and without instigating weeks of annoying robocalls.

Don't Give Your Number Out Easily

As you're investigating your solar panel options online, you'll come across many sites that have a "call us now!" type button, or a form to fill out that requests your phone number. While it's easy and sometimes tempting to simply give this information up in order to get a quote more quickly, try to avoid doing so if possible.

Instead, see if there's an email address listed that you can use to contact the company instead. If you absolutely must provide a phone number, consider using a temporary or disposable one (there are several online services that will provide you with a number to use for a short period of time). This way, even if your number does get sold or shared, it's not one that will be attached to your name permanently.

As you may have guessed already, many companies will take the number you provide and sell it to other solar panel companies, who will in turn begin robocalling you nonstop. So by avoiding giving out your number in the first place, you can avoid this problem altogether.

Do Your Research

The vast majority of solar panel companies are honest and upfront about their pricing, their services, and the way they do business. However, as with any industry, there are always a few bad apples out there looking to take advantage of people.

Before you make any decisions or provide your contact information to anyone, be sure to do your research on the company in question. A simple Google search can often reveal reviews from past customers, as well as any complaints that have been filed against the company. This can be an invaluable way to weed out any companies you may not want to do business with.

You can also check sites like the Better Business Bureau to see if a company is accredited, and to read any reviews or complaints that have been filed there. By taking a few minutes to do this simple research, you can avoid a lot of headaches (and robocalls) down the road.

Know the Best Review Sites

We just mentioned reviews above, and this is such an important topic that we wanted to mention it again. If you're going to take the time to read reviews before doing business with a company, it's important to make sure you're reading ones from reputable sources.

There are unfortunately many sites out there that will allow companies to post fake reviews, or only show the positive ones while hiding any negative feedback. So when you're looking for reviews, be sure to stick to well-known and respected sites like Google, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Angie's List.

By reading reviews on these and other similar sites, you can get a clear picture of what it's actually like to do business with a given company -- and avoid any that have a history of spamming their customers with robocalls.

Ask Around

With how popular solar has become in recent years, there's a good chance you know someone who has already made the switch. If this is the case, ask them about their experience!

They may be able to tell you which companies they got quotes from, and which ones they ultimately decided to go with. This can save you a lot of time in your own research process, and help you avoid any companies that have a history of being too aggressive with their marketing.

For instance, if a friend or family member mistakenly provided their phone number to a company that later sold it, they may be able to warn you ahead of time so you can avoid making the same mistake.

In short, by being a little bit selective about who you give your contact information to, and doing your research before making any decisions, you can easily avoid getting bombarded with robocalls when shopping for solar panels. So don't let the fear of robocalls stop you from going solar -- just be smart about it, and you'll be fine!

If you're interested in learning more about solar panels in Boise, or getting a quote from a reputable company, the team at Intermountain Wind & Solar be happy to help. Just give us a call today, and we'll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our programs, our pricing, or any other element of how we'll serve you!

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