Benefits of Solar Bulk Purchasing Programs

Solar bulk purchasing programs — including the Intermountain Community Solar Initiative (ICSI) facilitate the widespread adoption of photovoltaic power.

When a neighborhood bands together and decides to adopt solar energy as community a, more homeowners have the opportunity to own professionally installed systems.

Leverage the Lowest Prices Available with Solar Bulk Purchasing

Costs for installing a photovoltaic system have been falling for the last few years. In fact,
according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the average price of a U.S.
residential photovoltaic system dropped by 8.3 percent in the first quarter of 2016.

Because photovoltaic system costs are falling, homeowners are playing a waiting game
and plan to adopt solar when the price gets lower. But with bulk purchasing discounts,
no one has to wait for photovoltaic system components to become more affordable. And
they won’t anyway.

Large regional photovoltaic providers, such as Intermountain Wind & Solar, are able to
save homeowners an average of $4,000 to $6,000 on professionally installed
photovoltaic systems. This is due to the power of bulk purchasing.

And the more homeowners who participate, the more the price drops.

Bulk Purchasing Programs Make Adopting Solar Understandable

The concept of solar power is simple enough. Photovoltaic cells absorb light energy
from the sun, which is then converted to usable electricity.

The process of adopting solar, however, is not as easy to understand.

Many homeowners want to install a photovoltaic system, but they don’t have the time to
learn enough about the components and how they work to make informed decisions.

Community programs provide homeowners with all of the information they need to feel
confident about purchasing a photovoltaic system. ICSI, for example, offers educational
workshops on photovoltaic components and how they are used to power a home.

Experienced industry professionals are available at these workshops to answer
individual homeowner questions.

Solar Bulk Purchasing Programs Take Away the Headaches of Going Solar

Did you know that photovoltaic systems often require building and electrical permits?

And if you live in a planned development, you may need approval from your
homeowners association before installing photovoltaic panels. Do you have the time to
handle these issues? And do you really want to?

Community programs like ICSI help take care of these matters.

If you choose to go it alone for your photovoltaic installation, you’ll also have to meet
with contractors and negotiate bids for the installation. This is a hassle you can avoid by
joining a community bulk program.

To find out more about solar bulk purchasing and other photovoltaic system options,
contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today. You also can visit our website to learn more
about ICSI and all the ways that bulk solar purchasing can benefit you.

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