Beware of Solar Providers Outsourcing PV Equipment Installation

Professional PV equipment installation is a critical component of ensuring that your solar power system works properly. Before selecting a solar energy contractor for your project, it’s important that you thoroughly investigate their approach. Any company is only as good as its employees, and if the company you hire outsources the equipment installation, its quality may not be up to your standards. Following are some reasons you should avoid companies that outsource their installation services.

You Don’t Get the Most for Your Money

When making an investment as significant as a PV energy system, it’s important that you trust your contractor. If the company you contract with outsources some portion of the work, you have no assurance that you are protected. In most cases, companies that outsource a portion of their service still make money. This means they only pay their contractors a portion of the cost of the job. This can result in the contractor cutting corners to remain profitable, which in turn leads to a higher chance of mistakes and system failure. In the end, you are left dealing with the consequences of shoddy workmanship, while the solar company you selected shifts the blame to the installation contractor.

You Don’t Know the Quality of the Contractors

When you hire a company that has great reviews, you expect trained installers. You can feel confident that the company is appropriately licensed and insured, and will answer any questions you have about the training and experience of the installers. But when the company outsources some portion of the work, you have no idea how well-trained or experienced the installers are, or if they’re even licensed to perform the work in your state. They could be brand new to the field and have no experience, which could result in panels that do not work or even property damage. And, if they lack the appropriate licensing, you may have little or no recourse to recover damages.

The Work Is Not Consistent

When a friend recommends a solar company to you because their solar panels were properly installed, you might hire the same business based on this recommendation. But the problem is, when any business subcontracts its work, results may not be consistent. This defeats the purpose of choosing a business based on great reviews, making it hard for you to hire the right solar company. Installation methods and materials be inferior as well, leaving you with a system that requires repairs or even partial reinstallation. Worse, they may never finish the project at all, even after you’ve paid in full.

When you’re ready to add a PV system to your home or business, select a contractor that does not outsource the installation. Intermountain Wind and Solar, serving the entire Intermountain West region, understands the significant investment you’re making in your solar energy system. They never outsource any portion of their work, so you can rest assured that your PV equipment installation will always be top-notch.

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