Can a Solar Monitor Help me Save Money?

Can a Solar Monitor Help me Save Money?

A solar monitor is an addition to a PV system that most homeowners choose to add onto their installation, however it is not necessary. Monitoring your photovoltaic power output can help you get the most from your PV system. Every kilowatt of electricity your photovoltaic array produces potentially equals savings for you.

How to Use a Solar Monitor Efficiently and Save Money

A solar monitor allows you to observe and track how much electricity your PV system is generating. The monitor can notify you when it is time to start looking for ways to improve energy efficiency by observing how much electricity you are currently using and compare it to how much your home PV array is producing. To get the best return on your investment, a photovoltaic array needs to be operating at peak efficiency. With observations, you can save money by learning how to conserve effectively and reduce your reliance on the utility grid.

A Solar Monitor Helps Spot PV System Problems

Solar monitoring will allow you to see the patterns in your household energy usage over time. This could be very beneficial because if your PV system has a production error, you will be able to spot the problem immediately through your monitor. If you are looking for a more hands-free approach and don’t want to pay close attention to your photovoltaic power output, you can still be notified by using an app. You will need to select a solar monitor that allows you to set up app notifications and then you can be alerted instantly.

Getting Started With a Solar Monitor

If you choose to get a solar monitor with Intermountain Wind & Solar, our professional installation team will provide the installation and set up of the monitor along with your PV installation. We will assist you in understanding the display and downloading any necessary apps so it is accessible on all of your devices. A solar monitor can assist in tracking the effectiveness of your photovoltaic array and help you save power and therefore save money! At Intermountain Wind & Solar we provide complimentary consultations (If you live in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, or Wyoming)  so you can learn more and get started on your home PV system.

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