Can You Use PV Solar to Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

A PV solar energy system can easily generate enough power to charge an electric vehicle.

If you own an electric car, chances are you’ve noticed a significant increase in your monthly utility bill. Sure, you don’t have to pay for gas, but now you’re paying more for electricity.

PV solar energy

Invest in a home PV solar array, and you can offset these added energy costs. You may even be able to eliminate your monthly electricity bill.

How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

The average electric car requires bout 30 kWh of electricity to drive 100 miles. So if you drive 15,000 miles in a year, you’ll use 4,500 kWh.

If you pay the utility company 13 cents per kWh — the national average — you’re spending $585 every year to charge your vehicle.

Gas-powered vehicles cost nearly three times as much to run. With gas prices averaging $2.35 per gallon, the cost to drive 15,000 miles is more than $1,400.

That said, $585 isn’t exactly chump change. And with electricity costs on the rise, you can expect to pay more in years to come.

Charging Your Vehicle with a PV Solar Energy System

Switch to using the sun’s energy for power, and that increase in your monthly utility bill will disappear. And depending upon your PV system’s size, you may even see a drastic cut in your overall energy expenses.

A professional contractor can design a solar energy system that can handle your increased power usage. Once your PV solar array is installed, charging your electric vehicle won’t cost you anything — after all, sunlight is free.

Designing a Cost-Effective PV Solar Energy System

You could opt to install a small solar array, sized just large enough to charge your electric car. However, that may not be the wisest option. Designing a whole-house PV system makes better financial sense.

Your PV solar array can be designed to provide for all your electricity needs, inside and out. The sun’s energy can charge your electric vehicle and power your home appliances and electronics.

With a whole-house PV system, your overall utility expenses will be much less — and you may even eliminate your monthly electricity bill entirely.

Lucrative incentives like the federal solar tax credit and state and local rebates, grants and tax credits can bring down your costs by thousands. Additionally, professional photovoltaic contractors offer a range of affordable financing options, putting a whole-house system in anyone’s reach.

Are you ready to explore your solar energy options? Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading professional photovoltaic company, offers free PV solar energy consultations to home and business owners throughout Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. To schedule yours, contact us today.

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