Check Your Home’s Solar Potential with Project Sunroof

If you want to determine the solar potential of your property, Google’s online tool, Project Sunroof, can help.

When Google created Project Sunroof in 2015, its coverage area was limited. Since then, however, Google has greatly expanded, and now states in the Intermountain West are included in the database.


How Project Sunroof Works

Google’s online tool makes finding the solar potential of your home quick and easy.

Plug in your address, and through the power of Google Maps, the tool calculates the amount of sunlight that hits your roof over the course of a year. The site uses high-resolution aerial imagery, so you can see a 3D model of your roof and envision the placement of a solar panel system.

Because Google uses an advanced computer algorithm that reduces errors, this tool is considered to be more accurate than many other solar calculators.

What Project Sunroof Reveals about a Home’s Solar Potential

To determine your solar potential, the program factors in the sun’s position throughout the year and shading from nearby trees and buildings.

Then, Google’s online tool recommends a solar panel system size that is capable of powering your home. This figure is based on the average monthly electric bill in your area, but you can tweak the amount if your utility bills are higher or lower.

After offering a cost estimate, the program determines how much you could save by installing a solar energy system. General information about financing is also provided, so you can get a look at your potential annual savings.

Project Sunroof Is Not a Substitute for a Professional Consultation

Google’s tool is helpful for exploring solar potential, but it has its limits. As the program is automated, it cannot address any unique features of your property.

In addition, Project Sunroof is purely informational. The site is unable to answer questions regarding the results of the property evaluation.

An experienced professional photovoltaic contractor can provide you with more comprehensive information than the Google tool.

Not every rooftop is a good fit for a photovoltaic installation. Some are structurally unsound while others have shading issues. But many properties can accommodate a ground-mounted solar array — an option not considered by Project Sunroof.

The professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading photovoltaic provider, serves residential and commercial customers in Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming. Contact us today to discuss your home’s solar potential and request system pricing information.

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