Choose a Hybrid Power System to Ensure Your Comfort and Safety

Hybrid power systems are an ingenious method of collecting and returning power to the grid while also being available for backup power when needed. Many renewable energy gathering systems such as solar or wind power allow you to supply most or all of the power to your own home, and in some cases selling excess back to the local power company. It’s a great resource, but you can’t use it when the grid goes down. So despite having your own power supply right in your own yard, you may be left scrambling in an outage.

Convenience and Security

The solution is a hybrid system. Hybrid systems use solar panels or wind turbines to draw power from the sun and wind, but they also store some of the power in a battery for later use. Taking hot showers, blow drying hair and watching television are priorities for many, but you remember what the important things really are when an emergency strikes. Being without heat in a snowstorm or the losing power to critical medical equipment such as an oxygen tank can eventually mean the difference between life and death. Loss of refrigeration in the summer can cause hundreds of dollars’ worth of food to spoil, and downed computers can cost your business big bucks.

Determine Your Requirements

Hybrid systems come in different sizes for different needs. Running only necessary appliances and electronics for a day or two requires a fairly small system, but if you want to make sure your whole house or your business stays up and running throughout an outage, you will need more cells and a larger battery. It’s best to talk to a technician and plan ahead for what types of appliances you will want to power, how much wattage they require and for how many hours per day you want to run them so that you select the right system for you and your family or business. Some hybrid systems can be powered by solar cells, some by wind turbines and some by both. Wind is more of an integral part of many natural disasters than sunshine, so selecting this method may allow you to reap and store power even as you are using it, if you are in the right location.

Intermountain Wind & Solar provides alternative energy sources to customers all over Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. They manufacture and sell a variety of portable generators and hybrid power systems to meet the needs of single individuals, larger families and even businesses. Call them today to find out what type of hybrid power system is right for you.

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