Commercial Solar Pays Off Big for Auto Dealers

Commercial Solar Pays Off Big for Auto Dealers

Commercial solar power is helping auto dealers save money across the country. Since electricity is one of auto dealership’s largest overhead expenses, reducing energy costs is a huge priority. In fact, automotive dealers use about 18 percent more energy per square foot than the average office building.


Efficiency upgrades in auto dealerships can help cut energy consumption, but installing a solar power system can make a big dent in operating expenses.


Auto Dealers Save Money with Commercial Solar


Every day, automotive dealerships use HVAC systems, electric motors — including hydraulic lifts, compressed air systems, bay doors, pressure washers, paint booths, vacuums, and massive amounts of interior and exterior lighting.


A building automation system (BAS), or energy management system, can control all of the equipment and boost efficiency. Swapping out or upgrading some of the equipment can also reduce energy use. Even auto dealers with the most efficient equipment and a BAS in place to manage operations still have significant energy costs. Installing a solar power system is a great way to see a drastic drop in utility bills — after all, the sun’s energy is free.


The decrease in electricity costs after adding a solar installation can be rather impressive. According to some industry experts, adopting solar power could bring savings in an amount equal to selling two or three more cars per month.


Commercial Solar Installation Options for Auto Dealers


Because of how they are designed, many automotive dealerships are quite well-suited to support a solar power system because of their large, flat roofs. This is ideal to mount photovoltaic panels facing the sun. These dealers also have space to install solar paneled carports, which shield vehicles and customers from the elements, while generating free electricity.


Commercial Solar Has Marketing Value for Auto Dealers


The automotive market is highly competitive, and the value of installing a commercial solar power system should not be underestimated. Customers are drawn to eco-friendly businesses. Using sun powered electricity is a smart marketing move for businesses, as it demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability.


Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading renewable energy contractor, offers a range of solar power systems designed to meet the needs of auto dealers throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. For more information or to schedule a commercial solar consultation, contact us today.


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