Commercial Solar Power Benefits Many Industries 

Commercial solar power has the potential to save almost any business thousands of dollars every year. And since today’s consumers support eco-friendly companies, installing a photovoltaic system offers a powerful marketing advantage.

Solar Power Benefits

More and more businesses throughout the Intermountain West are investing in solar, cutting their electricity costs while at the same time demonstrating a commitment to renewable energy.

Data Storage Centers

As the demand for cloud computing technology has continued to surge, many companies are becoming more dependent on data storage centers to keep their information secure and accessible. These facilities require a huge amount of energy to maintain reliable, around-the-clock operations.

To combat ever-increasing electricity costs, many Intermountain West data centers are investing in solar power.

Manufacturing Facilities

Factories require a tremendous amount of electricity to run their equipment, HVAC systems and industrial lighting. More manufacturers are installing commercial solar systems to save money while meeting their energy needs.

In addition, reducing their facilities’ carbon footprint may make these companies more attractive to potential investors.

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Many Intermountain West gas stations and convenience stores are turning to solar power as a solution for their high electricity bills.

Commercial solar power systems help offset the costs running gas pumps, food coolers, freezers and lights 24 hours a day. And as gas station canopies offer the perfect location to mount photovoltaic arrays, installation is typically simple.


Hotels have consistently high electricity use — and the consistently high costs to go with it.

By investing in solar power, hotels can create much of their own power, drastically slashing their utility bills. And by marketing their properties as eco-friendly, solar-powered hotels are drawing in more consumers. For the same reasons, many restaurants and hospitality-related businesses are also installing solar panels.


Laundromat facilities depend almost entirely on electricity to carry out their services. Heating water and powering banks of commercial washers and dryers requires lots of energy.

Commercial solar panel systems provide power to laundromats, but for water heating, many laundry and cleaning businesses are also installing solar thermal systems to save money on energy bills and reduce the effect of utility rate increases.

Auto Dealers

Energy is also one of the largest overhead expenses for automotive dealerships. With all the hydraulic lifts, pressure washers, vacuums and other electric motors in continual use along with interior and exterior lights, electricity bills can be significant. After installing a commercial solar panel system, auto dealers see a dramatic decrease in their energy costs.

Does it make sense for your company to make an investment in solar energy? Chances are, the answer is yes. Almost any business can save significantly by installing a commercial solar power system. To find out how much you can save, you’ll need to consult with a local professional photovoltaic contractor.

Intermountain Wind & Solar, the leading Intermountain West commercial photovoltaic provider for nearly a decade, offers free, no-pressure consultations to businesses throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado. Contact us today to discuss how commercial solar power can benefit your business.

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