Commercial Solar Power Site Evaluation: What to Expect

A commercial solar power site evaluation can help you understand the advantages and challenges of photovoltaic system installation. And, getting advice from an expert won’t cost you a dime – most professional PV contractors offer complimentary consultations to business owners who are thinking about going solar.

At the end of your commercial solar power site evaluation, you will have a clear idea of the potential of a photovoltaic system at your location. Here, we explain what to expect when you schedule a free consultation with the professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar.

Property Assessment

Our experienced PV contractors will evaluate your business property, examining the rooftops and grounds to determine the potential for harnessing solar power.

We will consider whether your roofing has adequate support to support a photovoltaic system and whether the orientation and pitch will allow solar panels to capture sunlight. We will also check for vents, chimneys and equipment that could interfere with solar power production.

During the site evaluation, our PV contractors will also look at potential spots for installing a ground-mounted photovoltaic array. In some cases, this can be a more effective solution.

Shade Analysis

Shading can be an issue with both rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic arrays, as anytime shade covers solar panels, their energy production drops. For that reason, our professional PV contractors perform a thorough shade analysis as part of the site evaluation.

We use specialized tools and software to determine how much shade will affect the output of your commercial solar system. In doing so, we take seasonal variances into account to optimize the design and placement of your photovoltaic array.

Professional Advice

After our PV contractors complete the property assessment and shade analysis, we will meet with you to go over the results.

At this time, we will explain your best options for locating a photovoltaic array, and we may recommend trimming trees or removing obstacles to improve your solar power production. We will also share our recommendations for commercial solar components best-suited to meet your needs, provide a project estimate and, if you like, we can explain your financing options.

Our contractors will also take time to answer your questions about installing a commercial solar power system, as we want to help you make an informed decision. But at no point during the site evaluation will we pressure you into making a decision or signing a contract – that’s not how we operate. You can think it all over after we leave, then give us a call when you’re ready to proceed.

Intermountain Wind & Solar, offers free consultations to business owners in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Wyoming. To schedule a complimentary commercial solar power site evaluation, contact our Boise, Idaho or Woods Cross, Utah, office today.


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