Comparing Solar Price Quotes: Value, Brands and Inverter

Like with any other high-value home or property service, it pays to evaluate your various options when considering a solar panel installation or upgrade. Solar power is immensely popular today, meaning there are a variety of companies and sources you might obtain these services from, and finding an ideal partner involves much of the same research as any other important home service.

At Intermountain Wind & Solar, we encourage prospective clients to compare our services to our competitors – both because we want the best possible service for everyone in our market, but also because we’re supremely confident we’re the company best-suited to provide such service. We offer dedicated solar installation of the Tesla Powerwall and related services throughout several states in the western half of the country, with a long list of satisfied, repeat clients who can attest to our quality. Here are some important factors you should be keeping in mind while comparing solar entities, laid out over this two-part blog series.

Value of Comparisons

Firstly, why is it valuable to compare various solar services and providers? Well, because just like with any other major such service, you might find yourself some great savings or related benefits.

There are several distinct areas to compare between solar companies, including equipment used, financing options, long-term maintenance solutions and many others. In addition, robust installers in a given area know they’re being compared to their competitors, and this encourages them to maintain fair and reasonable pricing structures that incentivize new business. By doing your due diligence here, you’re actually contributing to the cycle that makes this practice valuable.

Our next several sections will dig into the variables you should be comparing.

Various Brands and Models

The exploding popularity of solar panels in recent years and decades means there are a huge range of solar brands and models out there today. Each brand or even model will have different specs in terms of size, efficiency, durability, warranty and other factors, and you have to keep all of these in mind as you evaluate your solar partner. Compare various options to find the best possible value.

Inverter Considerations

One particular piece of solar equipment that’s important to think about is the inverter. This item converts direct current (DC) energy, which is how solar is captured, to alternating current (AC) energy, which is how the majority of homes operate.

There are three different types of inverters: String inverters, micro-inverters and power optimizers. You should know the basics on each of these types and which is likely best for you, plus evaluate various options and prices from prospective installers.

For more on how to compare price quotes and other variables between solar power installers, or to learn about any of our solar panel installation or maintenance services, speak to the staff at Intermountain Wind & Solar today.

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