Count on a Mobile Solar Generator for Needed Power

Mobile solar generators are an excellent source of backup power, useful for individual homeowners, on-site construction projects and for use in natural disasters. Many people have solar cells on their roof or a windmill in a nearby field, and these are good sources of energy, but are not always reliable as a backup in the case of a power outage. Alternative energy sources hooked up to the grid go off when the grid goes out, leaving you in the dark.

Battery Power

But you can use a mobile solar generator even when the grid goes off. Solar panels constantly absorb energy from the sun and store it for use at a later time. These generators do not require gasoline — or any fuel — to run, because they are powered with rechargeable batteries. In a natural disaster such as a blizzard, flood or tornado, it may be difficult to obtain fuel to run a generator, but with a battery-powered model, this is no longer a concern. This feature also means a much quieter operation. The size and style of these types of generators allows you to use electricity from the grid to keep it fully charged at all times, so that it’s ready to go when you are.

Automatic Transfer

If you want to use a mobile solar generator as a backup power source for your home in the case of outages, you can have a transfer switch installed for a seamless automatic shift with no effort on your part. This can be set up to automatically transfer when you are not even home, ensuring the safety of your property by keeping critical systems running, such as heat and security.

Tools and Construction

Mobile generators are often a necessity at a construction site. The type of tools you are using determines the size and load of the generator you select. Larger sites don’t necessarily require larger generators — it depends on the work to be done. Circular saws, drills and air compressors all require different wattage, and if you are going to be using them at the same time, you must select a higher-wattage generator.

Intermountain Wind & Solar provides mobile solar generators for a variety of uses. The smaller variety, B.O.B. (Bug-Out Box) has a 1,000-watt inverter and provides 2,400 watt hours of power. The larger, H.F.T.H. (Head for the Hills), has an 1,800-watt inverter and provides for 4,800 watt hours. Each comes with a 50-foot extension cord and a 25-foot charging cord, and both are GFCI protected. Call Intermountain Wind & Solar today to find out what size mobile solar generator is right for your needs.

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