Creative Holiday Gift Ideas for Solar Power Beginners

Not everyone understands how great solar power is.

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Help spread the word by giving some of these useful and unique holiday gifts for the solar power neophytes in your life.

Solar Power Gadgets They’ll Use Every Day

A wide range of cool solar gadgets is available for the photovoltaic power newbies on your holiday shopping list, and any one of them can help your friends and family members truly appreciate the free energy that comes from the sun.

Solar rechargers, for example, are pocket-sized devices that carry an extra cell phone charge — or several charges, depending upon the model. Or, choose a portable flashlight or lantern with a built-in photovoltaic panel to provide power. If your loved one is a music lover, gift them a Bluetooth-enabled mobile solar speaker.

Photovoltaic gadgets like these are practical, but they’re also fun to use. What more could anyone ask for in a holiday gift, especially for the person who has everything?

A Portable Solar Power Kit They Can Take on the Road

Would you prefer to step it up a notch and give a more substantial holiday gift? How about a portable photovoltaic kit?

These handy kits are available in several configurations, but most contain a flexible or foldable photovoltaic panel and a battery power pack to store the sun’s energy. The best feature of a solar kit, though, is its portability.

A portable solar kit can provide power anywhere your loved ones want to go. They can take it camping, hunting, fishing or on any other outdoor adventures, and they’ll always have a free source of energy for their electronic devices.

Are They Ready for Full-Scale Solar Power? How About a Home Energy Audit?

If you know your friends or family members have considered making the switch to solar power for their home, why not give them a professional home energy audit? It’s like gifting them with big savings on a photovoltaic system.

How so? A home energy audit can detect steps your loved ones can take to boost the energy efficiency of their household. Sure, they’ll have to spend a little to make the recommended energy improvements, but that money will go directly to their bottom line. Solar industry experts estimate that every dollar spent toward lowering electricity consumption brings down the installed cost of a photovoltaic system by $3 to $5.

When you wrap up your gift of renewable energy, tuck an Intermountain Wind & Solar business card in the box. After all, if they’re serious about reducing (or eliminating) electric bills in the new year, installing a photovoltaic solar energy system is the gift that keeps on giving, year after year.

Are you ready to do some holiday shopping for energy independence? Intermountain Wind & Solar offers a variety of photovoltaic products that make great holiday gifts, and we also provide professional home energy audits. Give us a call or visit our website today to explore your solar power gifting options.

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