Do Residential PV Systems Require a Solar Monitor?

Most homeowners who install residential PV systems choose to add a solar monitor. Chances are, you’ll probably want one, too.

Every kilowatt of electricity your photovoltaic array produces represents savings to you. So even if the amount of energy your household uses doesn’t seem all that interesting now, you’ll definitely care about it once you go solar.

solar monitoring

Monitoring your photovoltaic power output can be satisfying, and it will also help you get the most from your PV system.

A Solar Monitor Can Help You Save Money on Electricity

When you install a photovoltaic array, you want it to operate at peak efficiency, as that’s the way to get the best return on your investment.

With a monitor, you can observe, in real time, exactly how much electricity your PV system is generating. If you notice that your family is using more electricity than your home PV array was designed to produce, you can take that as an indication that you should look for ways to increase energy efficiency.

This will reduce your reliance on the utility grid and help you save money.

A Solar Monitor Can Alert You to Residential PV System Problems

If, on the other hand, you notice that your home PV array isn’t producing as much electricity as it should, you’ll know that your solar power system might have a problem.

Over time, solar monitoring allows you to see the patterns in your household energy use. That means if your PV system ever has a production issue, you’ll know right away.

And if you don’t want (or don’t have the time) to pay close attention to your photovoltaic power output, don’t worry. You can select a solar monitor that allows you to set up app notifications so that your system can alert you to changes in solar energy production.

How Do You Get a Solar Monitor for Your Residential PV System?

When you plan a residential PV installation with Intermountain Wind & Solar, our professional installation team can provide, install and set up the monitor hardware and help you understand how to read the display. We’ll also direct you on how to download the appropriate software or cloud-based app, making it easy to check on your photovoltaic power output from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

A solar monitor can help you keep track of how well your photovoltaic array is working and how much money you’re saving with solar power. Given the relatively low cost of this device, can you really afford not to monitor your residential PV system?

If you live in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho or Wyoming and you’re ready to learn about your options, Intermountain Wind & Solar can provide you with a complimentary, no-pressure consultation.

As the leading residential and commercial solar installer for the Intermountain West region, our professional team is known for offering high-quality services at an affordable price. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation for answers to all your questions about installing a solar monitor for a residential PV system.

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