Do Rooftop Solar Arrays Require Building Permits?

In many parts of the country, including much of the Intermountain West, rooftop solar array installation requires a building permit. Fail to get a permit for your project, and you may face fines – or you could even have to take down your solar panels.

Fortunately, that won’t happen when you work with a reputable photovoltaic contractor. Here at Intermountain Wind & Solar, we handle the permitting process to make installation easier on you. But if want the scoop on permits for rooftop solar arrays, read on.

Why Permits Are Necessary for Solar Arrays

Rooftop solar systems require permits for the same reason other home improvement projects do – to meet quality and safety standards. Building codes govern the design and construction of projects involving structural elements, and photovoltaic installations are no exception.

A permit gives you the assurance that your rooftop can handle the weight of your solar array. In addition, with the proper permit, your photovoltaic system will not pose any problem if you decide to sell your house. Buyers will see the permit and know that your installation is safe and secure.

Permit Requirements for Rooftop Solar Arrays

How do you get a permit to install a photovoltaic system? The requirements vary depending upon where you live. The permitting process in Salt Lake City, Utah, may be quite a bit different than that in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Boise, Idaho, for example. So, to find out exactly what’s required in your area, you’ll need to contact your city’s building or code enforcement department.

As a general rule, however, getting a permit involves filling out an application and paying a fee. Applying is usually pretty simple, as most forms simply ask for basic information about your home and the photovoltaic system you plan to install.

Homeowners Association Approval May Also Be Required

If you live in a subdivision or planned community with a homeowners association, a permit isn’t all you’ll need for a rooftop solar system – you’ll also have to get approval from the HOA board members.

These days, most HOAs support homeowners who install solar arrays. But if yours happens to balk at approving your photovoltaic installation, you can take steps to reverse the decision. Talking about the benefits of switching to solar power may help, or you can ask your contractor to speak with the board members. If that doesn’t get you an approval, having a lawyer send out a letter should.

Have other questions about rooftop solar arrays? For expert answers, turn to the professional photovoltaic contractors at Intermountain Wind & Solar.

An Intermountain West industry leader for more than a decade, Intermountain Wind & Solar has extensive experience obtaining permits and helping homeowners get HOA approval. We can help you make a hassle-free, cost-effective switch to photovoltaic power.

With locations in Boise, Idaho and Woods Cross, Utah, Intermountain Wind & Solar serves homeowners throughout both states, as well as residents of Oregon, Nevada and Wyoming. For a free consultation to discuss rooftop solar array installation, contact us today.

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