Does Rooftop Solar Maintenance Require Professional Assistance?

Before investing in a rooftop solar array, you’ll want to know what ongoing expenses to expect. The photovoltaic (PV) panels and inverter come with warranty coverage, but what type of maintenance is required to meet the terms of the warranties? Will you need to hire a solar professional to take regular care of your photovoltaic system?

Rooftop Solar Maintenance Require Professional Assistance

Photovoltaic arrays are designed to be hands-off, and routine rooftop solar maintenance is not necessary. Unless a system component breaks or stops working, you won’t need to call in a professional.

Rooftop Solar Arrays Don’t Need Much Attention

A rooftop photovoltaic system can — and should — produce energy for decades without any maintenance.

You will need to replace your solar power inverter at the end of its life cycle, but none of the photovoltaic components have moving parts that need to be serviced, oiled or cleaned. Since nothing is mechanized, you don’t need professional solar maintenance.

Rooftop Solar Panels Stay Fairly Clean

Will your solar panels get dirty, sitting up on the roof, constantly exposed to the elements?

The PV module glass is very slippery, which means that debris tends to slide right off. Rain and melting snow do a good job of keeping the rooftop panels clear, so you don’t need to pay a pro for periodic rooftop solar panel cleaning.

No Need to Worry About Dust Accumulation

What if you live in an area with lots of dust and little precipitation? Won’t you have to hire a solar professional to regularly clear away the accumulation?

According to rooftop solar research published in Solar Pro magazine, even the hottest, driest, dustiest regions don’t see significant loss in energy production from dust or dirt accumulation.

Dust isn’t enough of an issue to make regular cleaning necessary or even worthwhile.

Rooftop Solar Maintenance Is Easy Enough for You to Handle

If you really want to keep on top of rooftop solar maintenance so that your photovoltaic system is in the best possible shape for optimal energy production, you could occasionally clean the modules. But you won’t need to hire a pro for the job.

To get rid of stuck-on grime and any lingering snow accumulation, just use a soft brush or squeegee on an extension pole. Take care never to spray cold water on the panels, however. If the panels are warm from the sun, you could crack the glass and potentially violate the warranty.

The professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading PV installer, can give you expert tips on making the switch to photovoltaic power easier and more affordable.

Schedule your home PV installation with us, and you’ll never have to budget for routine maintenance. Contact us today for a free rooftop solar consultation anywhere in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nevada or Wyoming.

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