Grid Direct Solar Energy Technology

Solar energy technology is advancing at a breakneck pace today. If you are considering adding solar panels to your home or business, it’s crucial that you have a basic understanding of today’s available systems and equipment. The most popular option for residents and business owners who want to save money and achieve energy independence is known as grid direct solar. Read on to learn more about how this solar energy technology works.

The Facts about Grid Direct Systems

This type of alternative power-generating system is tied to a private or municipal electrical network, much like your home is before you improve it with solar panels. This means you can use both the solar energy your panels produce and energy from the electrical grid. As you might guess, this system doesn’t provide full energy independence, but it’s a great start. This is the most popular option for consumers today, because it is affordable, extremely convenient and truly seamless. The main drawback is that your PV system won’t provide power at night unless you install equipment to store energy onsite.

Why Using this Type of System Is Financially Beneficial

As you’ve seen, a grid direct approach is convenient for those who don’t store their excess power. But that’s not the only benefit of being connected to the grid; it’s also financially beneficial in some ways. Many PV systems generate more electricity than you need or use during the day, especially in a sun-rich state like Utah. Being tied to the municipal network means that your excess energy is not wasted. Instead, it is sent to the grid to help power other homes, and thanks to net metering, you receive power company credit for that energy to help you pay your next electricity bill. This helps offset the costs of the electricity you use from the grid at night.

The Components of Grid Direct Systems

A grid-tied system uses only a few important parts, starting with PV panels located on the roof or other appropriate site. When sunlight hits the panels, the resulting power is then transferred to the inverter, which converts the direct current into alternating current. This power is then sent to the grid for others to use. The meter records the amount of energy you use as well as the amount you send to the electrical grid, allowing you to receive credit for it on your next bill.

Grid direct systems are an ideal first step for consumers who want to save money on their power bills. Solar technology frees you from the increasing costs of the local electric company and paves the way for energy independence. Contact Intermountain Wind and Solar for more information about grid direct systems and other solar energy technology.

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