Home Generators Provide Backup in Emergencies


How often were you without power this winter? A home generator is not only a convenience for your, but it sometimes can mean the difference between life and death. Winter weather is unpredictable — snow, ice, sleet, hail or high winds can all cause downed wires and power outages. Warm-weather months generally see fewer outages, but a powerful thunderstorm can still cut off electricity to homes and businesses. You are especially vulnerable if you live in a remote area, where fewer customers can be affected, making them a lower priority on the power company’s list.

Threat of Cold

A power outage can last from a few minutes to a few days, or in some severe cases, longer than a week. At first it can be fun to gather in the living room with the family and play board games like in the old days without the distraction of the television or the Internet. You can hold your family’s attention until their phone batteries die (you can recharge them in the car, but usually only one at a time). But especially in cold weather, this type of “camping” can get old quickly. It’s harder to have fun when you’re chilled to the bone. Most of today’s fireplaces are not built to heat rooms, and they can only do so much to help you stay warm.

An outage that lasts more than a day in the winter can be uncomfortably cold, and you will likely find yourself packing sooner or later to head off to a friend’s, relative’s or hotel. You’ll be safe, but what about your home? You may be able to take the dog or cat with you, but you may not. Small and exotic animals can get cold quickly, and fish will die without their heater and filter. Your pipes could freeze, costing thousands in damages and repairs.

Monetary Losses

In the summer, your home can heat up rapidly without the air conditioning you’re used to. You can sleep in the basement for a couple of days — if you have one — but you and your home can suffer other repercussions. Not only would you be deprived of all of your modern conveniences like microwaves and stereos, but after 24 hours, the food in your freezer will start to thaw. If you have reserves stored in extra freezers, it’s more spoilage to worry about.

Protect yourself, your family and your home by investing in a home generator. Modern generators run on propane gas or gasoline, and can be installed with a transfer switch so they come on within moments of a power loss, even if you are not home! This is critical, because if your home loses power while you are at work or elsewhere and you don’t even realize it, your home and its contents could be at risk.

Intermountain Wind and Solar installs home generators in the Greater Salt Lake City area and beyond. Contact them today to find out how a generator can help protect your home, and provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind of knowing you have a backup plan in case of severe weather.

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