How the Solar Energy Industry Creates Jobs for Veterans

If you think solar energy is only good for saving money on your power bills, think again. The alternative energy industry is putting U.S. military veterans back to work. Veterans often have trouble finding work after their service to their country ends. Although many individuals and agencies fight to solve this problem, the system has been slow to change. Encouraging veterans to enter the solar field is one solution that is making a real difference. Read on to learn more about how this industry is giving back to veterans.

Government-Sponsored Programs

Over the past several years, the U.S. government has increased its efforts to make sure that veterans find sustainable jobs after they are done serving in the military. One of the most recent initiatives was the Solar Ready Vets program, which involves 10 military bases. One of them is Utah’s Hill Air Force Base. At this and other bases across the United States, veterans have been learning to install PV panels in a training course that lasts four to six weeks. They also learn about local building codes so they can ensure safety and high quality during every installation. This way, they have the option to become not only installers, but also solar inspectors and sales representatives, depending on their specific strengths and interests.

Special Skills Make Veterans Ideal for the Industry

Many people in the military have technical skills that are of use in the solar industry, which is why this line of work is ideal for them. For example, many veterans are used to working with their hands, usually on complex or highly technical equipment. Veterans also work well in teams, an important component of solar installation projects. They are interested in making the world a better place — when they leave the military, veterans often look for specific opportunities to help others, and helping Americans adopt solar technology certainly meets that ideal. Consequently, even those who are not familiar with the solar industry can be good candidates for this field.

A Rapidly Growing Industry

Due to the sheer number of veterans, any industry that is going to welcome them has to be large enough to provide lots of jobs. After all, more than 190,000 veterans leave the military every year. Luckily, the solar industry is growing rapidly. In fact, it is among the fastest-growing fields in this country, so it makes sense that one out of every 78 new jobs generated in the United States in 2014 was in the solar field. And, as solar panels become more popular, even more installers, sales specialists, customer service representatives and inspectors will be needed.

If you need yet another reason you should adopt solar, consider that you’ll be putting our former service members back to work, as well as saving tons of money and establishing your energy independence. Contact Intermountain Wind and Solar today for more information about solar energy.

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