How to Adopt Solar Energy in 3 Simple Steps

Adopting solar energy to power your home may seem involved, but making the switch to photovoltaic power is actually quite simple.

In fact, you can adopt solar energy yourself in three simple steps.

Step 1: Request Free Estimates from Qualified Solar Energy Installers

An online search for solar energy installers in your area is likely to provide you with the names of several local companies. You can check their websites for information, but the best way to proceed is to contact a few and ask for a free estimate for your photovoltaic project.

A professional estimate should include the total expenses for your photovoltaic system, including the component prices, labor costs, permit fees and projections for future operational costs and savings. Federal, state and local financial incentives for installing a solar energy system also should be listed and figured into the total.

Solar contractors expect you to get bids from other companies, so don’t worry about offending anyone by getting several estimates.

Consider the contactor’s experience and qualifications, the quality of the equipment they use and the warranties and potential financing options when making your decision.

Step 2: Schedule Your Solar Energy System Installation

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of photovoltaic contractors to just one (hopefully Intermountain Wind & Solar!) call to schedule your installation.

But what about the building and electrical permits, or filling out the paperwork for the solar rebates and tax credits?

Most professional solar contractors will handle all of that for you. And if you need approval from your homeowners association, your installer can assist you by providing the plans and related documents necessary. In fact, many will simply handle this process for you.

The bottom line? After you schedule your installation, you can sit back and let your professional photovoltaic contractor do all of the work.

Step 3: Activate Your Solar Energy System and Start Saving

Once your photovoltaic installation is complete, it will likely require an inspection from your city’s building inspector and your local utility company to ensure it complies with building codes and that it is safe for operation.

Your contractor will schedule these inspection appointments and meet with the inspectors to answer any questions.

When the building inspector and utility company give you the green light, your solar energy system will be connected to the local power grid. A flip of the switch, and your photovoltaic panels will begin capturing sunlight and turning it into free electricity for your home.

You’ll see savings on your very next utility bill, as your photovoltaic system will create much — or all — of the energy your household needs. And depending upon your array’s output and your electricity consumption, you could even see a profit (of sorts) on your next power bill, if your utility company offers net metering credit for the excess energy your solar array produces.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to make the switch to photovoltaic energy? Get started today with a free estimate and consultation with Intermountain Wind & Solar. As one of the largest solar installation contractors in the Intermountain West region, we provide an exceptional level of professional customer service.

Because we deal in a high volume of installations, we also can pass on our bulk purchasing program discounts for your equipment.

Contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today, and let us help you take the first step in your quest to adopt solar energy.

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