How to Maximize Your Photovoltaic Solar Capacity

Photovoltaic solar power is highly cost-effective, in large part because the sun’s energy is free and abundant, especially in the Intermountain West.

Every home and business owner who installs a solar array will realize significant — and immediate — cost savings. However, some homeowners are able to achieve a faster payback (and therefore, bigger savings) than others on their solar installations.

With a little research and attention, you can learn from these penny-pinching homeowners how to shorten the time it takes for your photovoltaic panels to pay for themselves.

Check out our tips for maximizing your energy output, and get the most from your photovoltaic solar panels.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Your residential solar system will be sized to satisfy your energy needs. The greater your energy needs, the larger — and more expensive — your system must be.

Consequently, you can shorten your payback period by reducing your overall energy consumption.

You can achieve this goal through big steps, such as upgrading to Energy Star appliances or installing new windows, as these will have the biggest impact on your energy consumption. However, even smaller measures — like sealing around window and door frames, switching to LED light bulbs or turning off power strips when not in use — can quickly add up.

Consider this: Industry experts estimate that every dollar you spend toward increased energy efficiency can lower your overall photovoltaic solar costs by $3 to $5.

Choose the Best Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Equipment

You’ve heard the old expression, “you get what you pay for,” right?

Well, this phrase definitely holds true for photovoltaic solar panels and other system components. Rock-bottom prices on photovoltaic panels and inverters may sound tempting, but choosing high-quality equipment will provide a much larger payoff in the long run.

Choose photovoltaic panels, inverters and mounting components that are manufactured by a well-established company with a proven track record. After all, reputable companies are more likely to be around to honor their product warranties if a problem should arise in the future.

Make sure also that your photovoltaic components have the necessary certifications to qualify for government rebates, tax credits and grants.

Hire a Professional Photovoltaic System Installer

As you might imagine, a professional system installation will provide the maximum financial benefit from your photovoltaic solar investment. So it should come as no surprise that industry experts recommend hiring a professional solar contractor to complete your PV system installation.

Take the time to research local installers and request estimates before making your choice, as this will allow you to make a truly informed decision. Be sure to select a qualified photovoltaic contractor with local experience in designing and installing systems.

Don’t hesitate to check references, so that you have a clear picture of an installer’s work history, and learn all you can about their equipment and installation warranties.

Serving Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado, Intermountain Wind & Solar understands the importance of quality standards and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum level of cost savings and energy independence. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate for adding photovoltaic solar to your home or business.

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