How to Prepare for Rooftop Solar Installation

Are you planning a rooftop solar installation?

Your professional photovoltaic contractor will take care of almost everything for you —going solar really couldn’t be much easier. However, by taking a few simple steps, you can streamline the process and start cashing in on the sun’s free energy even faster.

rooftop solar installation

Make Sure Your Roof Is Ready for Solar Installation

Before scheduling a consultation with a professional photovoltaic installer, have a roofer inspect your rooftop. Is it structurally sound and in good condition?

Solar panels are made to last for several decades, so you need to make sure that your roof will last at least that long. Otherwise you could end up having to remove and reinstall your photovoltaic system just to fix a roof leak — a costly endeavor.

If your roof is damaged, now’s the time to have it repaired or replaced. To make sure yours is ready for solar installation, tell your roofer you’re planning to add a solar array and ask for recommendations.

Make Sure Your Trees Are Ready for Solar Installation

Do you have trees around your home? You may love their shade, but trees aren’t friends to your photovoltaic panels. In fact, they are (in many ways) enemies.

If shade from tree branches keeps the sun from reaching your rooftop solar array, your energy output will suffer. Using micro-inverters instead of a string inverter helps minimize this problem, but for maximum solar electricity production, you need to avoid shading whenever possible.

To that end, before calling a local professional photovoltaic installer, call a landscaper or arborist to trim back any branches that could affect your energy output. Or, if you can safely access the offending branches, you may be able to carefully handle the job yourself.

Check with Your Homeowners Association

Do you live in a condominium or townhome development, or in a planned community or subdivision?

If so, your neighborhood is probably governed by a homeowners association (HOA), and you’ll need its approval before beginning a rooftop solar installation.

In many cases, getting the nod from the HOA isn’t difficult. But sometimes, the board puts up a fight (even though this is now illegal in many states). Knowing what you’re up against ahead of time will help you achieve your goal of adopting solar.

Check the community’s CC&Rs or design guidelines and talk to your HOA about your planned rooftop solar installation. Take note of any objections from the board, but your professional photovoltaic contractor should be able to help you address their concerns and get their support.

Are you ready to enjoy big savings with rooftop solar? The professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading renewable energy system installers, can design an efficient and cost-effective rooftop or ground-mounted photovoltaic system. And we’re here to answer all your questions about planning and financing your project.

Intermountain Wind & Solar offers free consultations to homeowners throughout Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. For expert advice and a high-quality rooftop solar installation, contact us today.

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