How to Save on Energy Costs During Hot Summer Months

As the temperature in the intermountain states starts to climb higher, your energy bills will be going in the same direction; homeowners in the U.S. spend over $11 billion a year on energy to power air conditioners. Running your AC all day (and sometimes all night) can significantly increase your monthly costs. Here are a few strategies that can help you reduce energy consumption, which will save some money on those power bills over the summer.

1: Switch to an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

If you have an older air conditioning unit, consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model. Newer units use less energy to convert warm air into cool air to keep your home cool, which means your AC won’t need to run as often. Have your AC serviced regularly to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

2: Use Fans and Windows for Ventilation

Opening windows to create a cross-breeze and using fans around your home can help move air through, cooling your home without using as much power as an air conditioner. On hotter days this won’t always be an option, but in the early morning, late evening, or overnight hours when it’s cooler this can reduce energy consumption. You can also turn on fans when you run your AC to cool the house without using as much energy.

3: Shut Off the AC at Night

If possible, turn off the air conditioner overnight and open your windows to let in cooler air. Shut your windows first thing in the morning to keep that cool air inside as long as possible, which will delay the time you need to start running your AC.

4: Cover Your Windows During Daylight Hours

Windows in direct sunlight can heat up the room quickly, so adding window coverings and keeping them closed when there is direct sunlight can reduce total heat gain from windows. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones can also prevent heat gain in summer and cold air leaks in winter.

5: Turn the Thermostat Up

Setting your thermostat up one or two degrees can reduce AC usage and cooling costs. You don’t need to set it at a temperature where you are sweating and uncomfortable, but consider turning it up just one or two degrees. When you leave the house, set the temperature at or above 80 degrees so you don’t waste energy cooling the house while you’re away. Get a programmable thermostat, or a learning thermostat that you control from your smartphone and will learn your habits so it automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re gone.

6: Get Solar Panels

Residential solar panels can generate enough electricity from renewable sources to significantly reduce or even eliminate your monthly power bill, so you can continue to cool your home with the AC and not pay exorbitant prices to your local power company. To find out how easy it can be to install solar panels, call Intermountain Wind and Solar today.

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