Local Homebuilders Are Embracing Solar Power

Solar power has become increasingly popular among new home buyers throughout the Intermountain West as well as the rest of the United States. Consequently, this increased consumer interest in alternative power generation is making solar energy extremely popular with homebuilders as well. If you are in the market for a new home, it will be easier than ever to find a one with photovoltaic solar panels already installed and ready to go. Take a look at this growing phenomenon and how it can benefit you.

Many New Homes Offered with Solar Panels

Builders across the country now include solar panels throughout their new subdivisions. KB Home, Pulte and Nexus Energy are just a few popular examples. Though some builders still charge extra for energy-efficient upgrades like this, many now offer them as standard or included features. One of the reasons builders can do this is that materials for solar projects have dramatically decreased in price in recent years. Builders also benefit from tax incentives and utilize programs that help pay for new homes to have energy-efficient features.

The Benefits of Alternative Energy

The main benefit of buying a new home with solar panels already installed is that you will never have to deal with high electric bills, no matter how much you run your heater or air conditioner. After all, many people who switch to solar power find their electric bill reduced by 50 percent or more. Relocating is already costly enough, so the ability to save right away on utility bills would be helpful for any new homeowner. Not to mention, solar-equipped homes tend to sell faster and for more money than those without this amenity. Additionally, it is approximately 20 percent less expensive to install solar on a home as it is being built, compared to a pre-existing home.

The Growing Popularity of Solar Energy

The obvious answer to solar power’s growing popularity is that homeowners want to save money on utility bills. But that’s not the only reason many people desire this valuable home upgrade. They also want to have more control over their energy independence. Reducing your dependence on the unpredictable and increasingly expensive municipal power grid is a highly desirable outcome today. If this is your goal for the future, consider purchasing your next new home with an alternative energy generating source already installed.

If you aren’t in the market for a new home, or if you plan to build your own custom residence, you can also enjoy the benefits of having PV solar panels installed. Intermountain Wind and Solar, serving Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and Colorado, strives to help customers throughout the Intermountain West gain their energy independence. Contact them today to learn more about adding solar power to your home.

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Power Your Home with Solar

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